The Starbucks Milk Chocolate Mocha Fans Should Know About

Starbucks is a highly popular coffee chain that serves a wide variety of beverages, small food items, merchandise, and bags of coffee. From the Instagrammable "pink drink" and s'mores frappuccino (via Bustle) to the highly caffeinated nitro brew coffee selections, one may have difficulty choosing which drink to sip on and customize.

Such customizations include choosing the type of milk, syrup (as well as how much to add), and sweetener substitute. You can also add cold foam and whipped cream orĀ choose the "skinny" option, which is code for nonfat milk and sugar-free syrup in such a drink (whipped cream is also usually omitted), per Starbucks Stories & News.

Some Starbucks fans are experts at customizing orders and love to create inventive drinks like the birthday cake frappuccino, oatmeal cookie latte, and the chocolate dalmatian, via Sociomix. But we'll bet that you haven't heard of this Starbucks milk chocolate mocha that's been sitting under your nose the whole time.

Look for the iced white chocolate mocha

According to the Starbucks website, the iced white chocolate mocha is made of espresso, white chocolate sauce, milk, ice, and sweetened whipped cream. And like many of the other Starbucks drinks, this one is highly customizable, as coffee fans can add an extra shot or two of espresso, flavored drizzles, cinnamon powder, and sugary syrups.

But to transform this white chocolate drink into one of milk chocolate, just opt for 50% white chocolate sauce and 50% regular chocolate sauce, per Starbucks Stories & News. Or you can ditch the white chocolate sauce or go for 100% regular chocolate sauce. Heck, you can elevate this chocolatey drink further by adding in some mocha sauce, dark caramel sauce, or pumpkin sauce as well.

In other words, this iced white chocolate mocha can become an iced chocolate mocha with one simple swap. And if you're craving a warm beverage, you could probably turn this into a hot milk chocolate mocha since the hot white chocolate mocha certainly exists. So get those creative juices flowing and have some fun with your local Starbucks menu.