Sugarfina Is Kicking Off The Holidays With A Big Candy Giveaway

When it comes to candy holidays, the winter holiday season always feels like a distant third — but that's something Sugarfina is looking to put an end to this year. Easter and Halloween are the kings of candy sales, according to CNBC, and unlike the other holidays, Christmas candies and other holiday season treats feel a bit secondary to things like gift giving. That doesn't mean Americans don't love their sweets around the holidays though, with reporting that 1.76 billion candy canes are produced each year, along with 150 million chocolate Santas. That's to say nothing of all the decorative Christmas cookies and peppermint bark people will end up making themselves.

This year Sugarfina is joining in on the holiday fun with its seasonal line of products. The purveyor of gourmet candies first opened in 2012 in Beverly Hills and has since gone on to produce a wide range of special-release products and collaborations like tequila-infused treats from Casamigos. The Sugarfina holiday lineup this year features things like chai latte bars, a cookie dough canister, and candy bento boxes with a variety of gummies and chocolates. Sugarfina is also taking things one step further by trying to bring some holiday cheer with a massive giveaway.

Sugarfina is giving away over $300 in prizes

What could be more in the spirit of the holidays than gifting people a bunch of delicious candy? That is what Sugarfina is doing this month: Anyone who visits the candy website from November 20 through November 30 could be eligible to win a wide variety of prizes from its holiday line of candies. Three participants will receive 10 giftable holiday items and the winners will be announced on December 1, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. Some of the tasty prizes available will include Sugarfina's bento boxes, a peppermint hot cocoa chocolate bar, and a canister of oatmeal bites.

Honestly, those all sound like welcome prizes, but if you want to go all out, you can shop the holiday collection right now including an impressive advent calendar and the brand's popular Champagne gummy bears. All of these would make a welcome addition to any holiday spread alongside some homemade fruitcake and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Even if you don't get lucky enough to win something from this giveaway, you can embrace the spirit of the holiday by handing out some unexpected desserts to friends and family this year.