Sugarfina Has A Sweet New Advent Calendar For The 2022 Holiday Season

CORRECTION 10/19/22: A previous version of this article stated there is a gold star on top of the new Advent calendar. The Sugarfina Candy Carousel Advent Calander does not come topped with a star.

Almost every holiday has foods that it's come to be associated with. Take, for example, Hanukkah's latkesThanksgiving's turkey, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie; or Passover's symbolic seder plate. But, for sweet-toothers, nothing captivates quite like the holidays that have come to be associated with candy. Halloween is an obvious example, with Sugarfina's Halloween 2022 Collection allowing you to take your trick-or-treat offerings to the next level. Speaking of which, Sugarfina recently shared how it is upstaging itself with its 2022 holiday season collection before Halloween has even come and gone. But, that shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with Sugarfina's origin story. 

Money Inc. reports the luxury candy brand was founded in 2012 by a young couple who bonded over their mutual belief that someone ought to be making whimsical candy designed for adults (think: Champagne Bears and vodka-infused chocolate). The two decided to take on the task together (and also got married, a true match made in candy heaven) and are still running the joint today, which has expanded to include locations in 50 U.S. cities and one in Hong Kong.   

And of course, no holiday candy collection would be complete without Advent calendars, which Sugarfina is seriously delivering for 2022 — and one, in particular, has all the "bells and whistles," so to speak. 

Sugarfina's new Advent calendar promises merriness all around

Sugarfina's holiday season collection for 2022 features three Advent calendars. The first is a returning fan-favorite, the 12 days of Christmas model. The second is an updated version of Sugarfina's classic gingerbread house; apparently, the gingerbread calendar sold out last year (and the year before), so hopefully, the brand has enough to go around for 2022. But it's the third — and totally new Advent calendar — that caught our eye. Like Sugarfina's Valentine's Day candy, it's definitely not what one would expect. 

Sugarfina's 2022 holiday advent calendar takes the form of a carnival carousel (hence, the aforesaid bells and whistles). In a palette of silver, white, and blues, the three-dimensional carousel is festooned with animals like horses, zebras, and elephants. The Sugarfina carousel also features sparkling lights via a rechargeable LED, and ... the carousel actually spins on its base! But, let's not forget that this animated treat is also an Advent calendar; Tucked neatly into the base are 24 drawers, each containing a different variety of Sugarfina candy, including classic and cocktail-inspired flavors. 

Sugarfina suggests this limited-edition holiday Advent calendar will make a nice keepsake, one that you can keep along with your memories of the 24 candies you'll sample while counting the days to Christmas (or, theoretically, whatever you want to use it to count down to).