Sugarfina's Halloween 2022 Collection Includes A Spooky New Treat

After only a decade in business, Sugarfina has built up its reputation as a luxury candy brand, serving up delicious delicacies for people of all ages. Forbes reports that Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick founded the company after being inspired by the film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," and set out to create candies to be enjoyed by adults. The iconic and Instagrammable champagne gummy bears come in two different flavors – and are non-alcoholic, despite the name — and are designed to be a tasty reminder of celebrations.

Sugarfina has previously celebrated holidays with the release of Valentine's Day chocolates and a Christmas advent calendar (via Sugarfina). And as summertime slowly fades to fall, the gourmet candy company is gearing up for Halloween with the release of some new seasonal candies fit for people of all ages with a sweet tooth. 

If you're looking for an old favorite, you're in luck — they're bringing back some of their most popular candies from previous years, as well as introducing a brand-new treat.

Graveyard Cookies are all-new for Halloween 2022

Sugarfina just launched its 2022 Halloween collection, featuring best-selling favorites from past years alongside one brand new sweet. The candy company's seasonal line features a blend of sweet and sour candies with flavors ranging from fruity to chocolatey to satisfy any cravings.

Customers will see a return of fan favorites like Sugar Skulls imported from Sweden — tart, raspberry-flavored gummy candies — and Germany-imported Zombie Brains – soft, strawberry gummy candies shaped like brains. Dracula's Donuts feature round, bite-sized cereal pieces, coated in milk and dark chocolate, and topped with sprinkles. And brand new this year are the Graveyard Cookies: Miniature sandwich cookies coated in a mixture of white and dark chocolates.

Your favorite spooky sweets can be ordered from the Sugarfina website, individually or in value packs. Not sure what to try? Check out the sampler pack, which includes Sugar Skulls, Graveyard Cookies, Zombies Brains, and Apple Frogs — tangy apple and vanilla-flavored gummy candies. Feeling generous? Treat the neighborhood kids on Halloween with the Trick-or-Treaters Bundle of Zombie Brains.