Vodka-Infused Candy Sugarfina

It doesn't count if you *eat* your liquor, right?

There are those who can breeze through Dry January like it's a walk in the park, and then there are the ones who need a little boost to make it through the 31-day marathon. If you're finding yourself in the latter camp this month, it's time you think about giving Sugarfina's new craft vodka-infused candies a, well, shot.

The grown-up candy store's newest line of confections comes infused with Tito's Handmade Vodka and includes adorable gummy bears flavored with a splash of ginger beer. If you're of the philosophy that it's not really cheating unless your liquor comes in martini glass, opt for the similarly excellent vodka-filled cordials, which are just boozy enough.

When you cross the finish line on February 1, grab the Vodka Is Always a Good Idea Candy Bento Box, which, along with the two candies, comes with a miniature copper mule mug you can fill with flavored gummy bears—or a dose of the real deal.