11 Ways to Toast to the Fall Season

Drink your way through fall with our seasonal cocktails
Rum Cola cocktail
Photos: Tasting Table

The fall weather is finally settling in, and we’re reaching for our flannel shirts, chunky sweaters and comforting drinks. Pumpkin isn’t the only flavor representing the season; we’re craving smoke, spice and maple.

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Happily sip your way through the fall season with these 11 cocktail recipes.

① Autumn Spice Sidecar

② Satan's Circus

③ Boozy Cider Slushie

④ Rye Revival

⑤ Autumn Smash

⑥ The Stowaway

⑦ Maple Old-Fashioned

⑧ Rum & Cola

⑨ Cranberry Sauce Frozen Cosmo

⑩ Pumpkin Spice Mai Tai

⑪ Mirto's Revenge


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