S.G. Howe

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Rochester, MN
Upper Iowa University
Drake University
Coffee, Eastern European Cuisine, Home Cooking
  • Savannah has had the opportunity to interview Michelin-star chefs, food scientists, farmers and growers, and restaurateurs that are moving and shaking the culinary realm.
  • She is working towards opening the first klobasnik bakery in her home city of Rochester, Minnesota.
  • Before her journalism career, Savannah managed and operated a café, including a six-week strenuous study where she was exposed to the intricacies of coffee, including as a crop, as a commodity, as an ingredient, and as a beverage.


Savannah is a food and beverage journalist and an avid home cook with a penchant for Eastern European cuisine. Her work has appeared in a variety of print and online outlets, including Minnesota Women’s Press, American Essence Magazine, The Epoch Times, and Tasting Table, plus a number of regional publications. Savannah also contributes recipes to Lively Table. She is a lifelong student of the kitchen and regularly seeks classes, people, and experiences that broaden her culinary horizons.


Savannah attended North Iowa Area Community College for political sciences, followed by Upper Iowa University for communications and mass media. She continues to further her knowledge of coffee through classes offered at tertiary education institutions.
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