Petar Marshall

Photo of Petar Marshall
Hood River, OR
Scratch-made Recipes, Smoked Meats And Vegetables, Wine
  • Petar has had the pleasure of meeting celebrity chefs including Andrew Zimmern, Adam Glick, Shawn Niles, and Yachecia Holston.
  • Petar has won a Wine Spectator award for his work on wine lists.
  • Petar has a passion for outdoor cooking, especially smoking meats and veggies on the Traeger. Some of his favorites include smoked pulled pork and ribs, along with smoked carrots and asparagus.


Petar Marshall is a photographer, sommelier, and hospitality professional with years of experience in the restaurant industry as a wine director and manager for Hyatt and Marriott properties. He is passionate about creating beautiful, flavorful dishes at home. When he’s not cooking, Petar can usually be found hiking or paddle boarding in the Pacific Northwest.


Petar has completed a number programs and certificates focused on wine and food through Wine Spectator, Culinary Institute of America, and Central Washington University.
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