Haldan Kirsch

Photo of Haldan Kirsch
Baltimore, MD
Duquesne University
Ohio University
Sourdough Baking, Italian Food, Mixology
  • Haldan has worked in multiple restaurant positions since he was 16 years old. This includes everything from dish washer, expo, line cook, and prep cook.
  • He lived in Rome, Italy for 2 and a half years indulging in all of the food, drink, and food culture that he could.
  • One of Haldan’s proudest career moments came while serving ethically sourced pork products and supporting local Appalachian foodways in Athens, Ohio.


Since learning to write, Haldan has bounced back and forth between creating memorable experiences and sharing them with an audience through storytelling. Whether that’s telling the many delicious stories of students living abroad in Rome, exploring the culture of hunting for your own food, or indulging in Baltimore’s many great restaurants, he always brings a sense of humanity and craft that enriches reader’s experience. He also works as an editorial news photographer for a variety of Baltimore publications.


Haldan studied broadcast journalism at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. He later studied photography at Ohio University.
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