A Cocktail Shaker Is Your Secret Weapon For The Best Mango Lassi

After having a warm and cozy Indian dish like a plate of butter chicken, there is nothing better than cooling down with a (culturally complementary) fruit lassi. Simply Recipes says that lassi is the name for a drink with many variations, but it most often includes yogurt, spices, and fruit, or herbs like mint.

According to Desi Blitz, lassis are sometimes also referred to as "ancient smoothies" because their origins date back to 1000 B.C. Simply Recipes says that the drink originated in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan and was well regarded for its supposed healing properties of soothing stomachs after meals. While there are many varieties of lassi available, one of the most popular types is the mango lassi. Many recipes for mango lassi will call for the drink to be mixed in a blender, but there is actually a better way to serve it at home.

Use a cocktail shaker for a perfectly velvety lassi

The secret weapon for the best possible mango lassi is a cocktail shaker. According to MasterClass, having a super smooth consistency isn't the most important part of the lassi. By simply using mango that has already been puréed, you can just as easily mix the drink together in a cocktail shaker, which might even improve the texture of the drink. As VinePair claims, when a drink is mixed in a cocktail shaker, it tends to incorporate air into it, making it satisfyingly velvety and cutting any subtle bitter flavor. Food52 also says that yogurt (which is standard for a lassi) is used in some cocktails to provide body and fizz in place of egg whites. By incorporating the yogurt with the other ingredients and giving it a vigorous shake in a cocktail shaker, you'll be puffing your lassi up with air, and trapping it in the foam formed by the yogurt at the same time.

Simply add the ingredients of your lassi (including any secret ingredients) to your cocktail shaker (even if it's just a travel mug), and give it a vigorous shake. Once your done, strain the mix into a chilled glass, and enjoy.