Man Calls Haribo Cheap Over Reward For Missing $4.8 Million Check

A Frankfurt man was in for a big surprise when he picked up a piece of paper on his walk home last week. German newspaper Bild reports that Anouar G. was walking home from visiting his mother when he discovered a crossed check from famed gummy bear maker Haribo at the Bürostadt Niederrad light rail station stop (via Today). The check was from German grocery store brand Rewe for an unfathomable sum to find blowing in the wind — 4,631,538.80 euros, or $4.8 million. "There was such a large sum on it that I couldn't even pronounce it," said Anouar G.

Gummy bears and candy might not seem like big business, but according to its website, Haribo has been in the game for more than 100 years. In that time, it's developed an impressive global brand whose revenue Forbes estimates to be close to $3 billion. Haribo isn't even considered one of the more expensive candy brands like Sugarfina, whose champagne bears cost $8.95 for the smallest option.

Man rewarded with six bags of gummies

So what does one do with a crossed check for $4.8 million? Bild reports that Anouar G. chose to alert the company that he located the missing check. He was then instructed to destroy the check and send visual documentation that he had done so. While it might seem tempting to take the check to the bank, Today reports that many on social media have pointed out that this likely wouldn't play out well. The check was likely already canceled after it was lost and would not be swapped out for cash, as it was also made out to Haribo.

Anouar G. was thanked by the company for his good deed, though it seemed like a standard response for an exceptional occasion. Bild states that he was sent a thank-you package from the company containing only six bags of Haribo gummies. Anouar told Bild, "I thought it was a bit cheap." Insider explains that this was a typical thank-you package sent out by Haribo. While Anouar's good deed wouldn't have been worth the full $4.8 million, it seems he would have preferred something a little sweeter than a few gummies.