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Barnard College
AOP Cheeses From Normandy, Hot Pot Dipping Sauces, Taiwanese Street Food
  • CC is the former editor of The Slow Scroll, a biweekly newsletter about how the digital age impacts our health, happiness, creativity, and spirit.
  • CC is the author of the non-fiction book, "A Little Bit of Lucid Dreaming," published by Sterling Publishing.
  • They are in the midst of mapping out the Normandy region for a travel guide on where to get the best cheese, calvados, and cider.


CC has been freelance writing for over a decade. Their career began at DailyCandy, where they covered topics such as stinky tofu, the pitfalls of globalization, Taipei food highlights, McDonald's in France, and more. In the years since then, CC's portfolio has expanded considerably. They have also contributed to Whetstone Magazine, Gourmet Live, Fathom, Paste Magazine, Pit Magazine, and more.


CC studied anthropology at Barnard College, which gave them a unique lens of cultural relativity through which to look at the world we live in and the foods we eat. They've also studied abroad at Peking University in Beijing, Reid Hall in Paris, and have also completed a two-week intensive clown course at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Etampes, France.
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