The 2-Step Process For Perfectly Cooked Fried Egg Tacos

When you take a versatile food favorite like eggs and mash it up with something as tantalizing as a taco, it's a recipe for a TikTok craze that is making everyone hungry: fried taco eggs. Also known as tortilla eggs, the hashtag itself has garnered well over half a million views on the social media site, with many TikTokers posting their own homemade attempts at the breakfast food trend.

Breakfast tacos, or tacos with eggs, are nothing new though. After all, breakfast tacos are a staple of Tex-Mex, and whether they were first invented in San Antonio or Austin, eating scrambled eggs in a taco is undeniably delicious. Yet the process of both making fried food and tacos can be a multi-step affair, which may take more time than some care for on a lazy morning. Luckily, these trending fried egg tacos are perfect for those who want to cook with no fuss, since it only takes a two-step process.

How to make fried egg tacos

Even if you don't have an air fryer on hand, all you need to make these fried egg tacos is a good skillet — of the cast iron or non-stick variety, your pick. Ingredients needed for making fried egg tacos are simple as well. All you'll need is tortillas, eggs, and then toppings of your choice, like cheese, avocado, or salsa.

Next, heat up your skillet with some oil and then pan-fry your tortillas, which will be the base on which to crack eggs. The two-step process of making fried egg tacos involves first cooking the eggs covered for two minutes and then adding your toppings, like cheese, along with a tablespoon of water.

When you cover it again, the water creates steam that will perfectly cook the egg whites and melt any cheese. The second bit runs for 60 to 90 seconds. To finish, take them off the skillet, fold them, and enjoy your successful replication of a TikTok recipe trend.