The Crucial Step You Must Take For Crunchier Coleslaw

Coleslaw, which is derived from a Dutch phrase that translates to cabbage salad, is a barbecue side staple that lends an acidic and crunchy contrast to meaty, fatty, mains. There are many ways to slice and dress coleslaw, but the chopped cabbage leaves should ideally always be crunchy. Some may have had the unfortunate experience of being served a soggy or watery coleslaw and thus are wary of the side dish, but luckily, there is a way to prevent such an outcome.

Salt, which is often added to coleslaw recipes, gives flavor and draws out water from cabbage leaves, which can cause a watered-down and unappealing, wilted coleslaw. The trick for crispy coleslaw is to pre-salt your shredded leaves to first lure out excess water, which will make the vegetable immediately crunchier and easier to bite into. To do this, mix your cabbage leaves with salt, let it sit for at least half an hour, and then give the salad a good rinse.

Be sure to pre-salt evenly

For a good salt-to-cabbage ratio, measure one tablespoon for each cabbage head you're dealing with and make sure to spread the salt out evenly throughout the leaves. You can let the leaves sit in the salt coating for up to two hours, but make sure to rinse the salt out well afterward, patting the leaves dry with towels to soak up any extra moisture or shaking them until the wetness is removed.

Another method is to top the cabbage and salt mix with something heavy to ensure that the salt really works its magic. However, one must not let the salt sit for more than an hour under said object, otherwise, your coleslaw or cabbage salad could end up too salty. Once well-rinsed and patted dry, you can move onwards to make a crunchy coleslaw — just let the dressing marinate for a few days to ensure optimal flavor.