Why Tuna Patties Make The Ultimate Big Batch Burger

Hosting a large dinner or brunch party is no easy feat — there's the seating arrangement to consider, guest dietary restrictions as well as any potential food allergies, and of course, the menu. Cooking for a large group is even trickier, as certain crowd-pleasers, like fluffy pancakes for brunch or classic burgers, can be difficult to make in large batches.

For burgers in particular, it is difficult to serve everyone at once, since beef patties taste best fresh off the grill. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a massive barbeque setup, some unlucky diners may experience a less-than burger simply due to the passage of time, which will make the burger cold and less appealing. Fortunately, there is a sea-based solution: tuna patties, which are both delicious and the perfect solution for making a big batch of burgers for a crowd, or even to simply meal plan ahead for the week.

Tuna patties taste good at any temperature

Few people like the taste of a room-temperature or cold beef hamburger. Luckily, this is where the versatile nature of a tuna patty comes into play when making large batches. Tuna patties are delectable hot, warm, room temp, and even cold, so when you're serving a crowd, you can simply pile the cooked tuna patties on a platter. Then you can serve them all at the same time or allow your guests to serve themselves when they're ready to eat. As an added bonus, tuna patties can also be enjoyed in a multitude of ways: with a vegan dill dip, atop a salad, or on a toasted burger bun, giving your guests more options than a traditional burger would.

The best part about tuna patties is that any leftovers are also easily stored: Just pop them into an airtight container and then you have a meal ready to eat when hunger strikes. No reheating is needed.