Why It Pays To Have A Portable Induction Cooktop On Hand

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In the seemingly infinite world of kitchen accessories, a portable induction cooktop may not be high on your list of things to add to your gadget arsenal. Yet, these cooktops are handy for several reasons: They are perfect for cooks who want to create their own Youtube show because you can get that perfect shot from the kitchen island rather than the inconvenient wall-adjacent range. It's also a great alternative to wood and gas while camping, granted you've got a power solution available. Even if you're not camping and are at home with a fully-equipped kitchen, having the option to cook outside of it in, say, the backyard, garage, or even balcony is great when working with foods that will smoke or give off strong smells

Induction cooktops are also becoming more popular in general because they 1) don't aggravate conditions like asthma through the non-ventilated burning of gas indoors and 2) since they work through magnetism and don't themselves get hot, say goodbye to burnt fingers. To top it off, they're also 10% more energy efficient than conventional electric cooktops, and 300% more efficient than gas. 

Invest in a portable induction cooktop

A warm, cooked meal is priceless, and if you've just moved into a new house or apartment with no appliances (or if your space is under construction), a portable induction cooktop will transform any area into a makeshift kitchen as long as there is an electrical outlet. Portable induction cooktop owners will also be able to prep for large parties more easily with the extra burner or could even help out a friend whose stove is on the fritz.

Price-wise, a solid portable induction cooktop can cost around a hundred dollars; NYT's Wirecutter tested and recommended the Duxtop 9600LS, which is available on Amazon for $116. A more budget-friendly portable induction cooktop from the same brand, the Duxtop 1800W, is currently for sale for just $60. Given that other fancy kitchen gadgets can cost north of $300, a portable induction cooktop is a reasonable investment with loads of payoffs.