New Survey Reveals One Thing That Unites The 2 Most Popular Brunch Foods

There's something special about brunch. It's that unique meal that only exists on weekends and holidays. It's also arguably the only appropriate time for drinking before noon. While cooks and restaurant staff may not be fans of the breakfast/lunch combo (via Thrillist), for many, brunch has gone well beyond a meal meant to nurse a hangover, as its original creator intended. 

According to Buzzsaw, for the modern young professional, hitting up the hottest brunch spot isn't just a time for being with friends — it has become a display of social clout and knowledge of trendy foods. "Basically brunch has manifested in symbolizing a way that people are able to be seen, and show that even though they don't have the economic resources, they still have the cultural capital to know what's cool, what's on trend," Farha Ternikar, sociologist and author of "Brunch: A History," told Buzzsaw.

Which of these trendy foods, then, are the favorite of the brunch crowd? To find out, Tasting Table took an online survey of more than 600 readers. The results may surprise you.

Egg dishes were the kings of brunch

While brunch itself may be trendy, the favorite foods of brunchers are very tried and true. For example, the least popular of the orders was the once ubiquitous and trendy avocado toast, which was a favorite for just 7% of survey respondents. The top two results came in at a near tie. That may be because they also bear a striking similarity to each other. Eggs Benedict ranked first with 26% of the vote, while omelet or frittata was right behind at 25%. Seems when it comes to brunch, trendy or otherwise, nothing beats eggs.

While savory options topped the survey results, sweeter choices weren't far behind. This is not surprising as a survey by the National Honey Board found that more than half of respondents actually preferred a sweeter breakfast to a savory one. Coming in just behind the egg dishes was French toast with 23% of the vote. The other remaining option was a stack of fluffy pancakes, which was preferred by 17% of participants.