Woodchuck's New Cider Flavors Are Inspired By These Brunch Classics

According to a press release received by Tasting Table, fans of Woodchuck hard cider can start looking for the newest collection to hit shelves: The Brunch Box. In this pack of cider, all of the flavors are inspired by some of the most popular brunch cocktails you might find on the menu of any restaurant. But not all of the flavors are new. The Brunch Box will include two existing flavors, Mimosa and Pearsecco, while introducing two new flavors, Bellini and Paloma. 

Of course, the Bellini semi-sweet cider will have a peachy flavor and the Paloma is made using a semi-dry cider with hints of classic Paloma ingredients such as grapefruit, tequila, and lime. Each box includes 12 12-ounce cans — three of each flavor. Most are 5.5% alcohol by volume, but the Pearsecco is slightly higher at 6.1% alcohol by volume. The new pack will be available year-round and will be priced between $17.99 and $18.99. 

This is what Woodchuck fans are saying

Woodchuck's social media announcement of the new flavors spurred excitement for many of their existing fans too. When the news was shared on Instagram, it gained more than 600 likes. Some fans had even given The Brunch Box a try by the time the news was posted and were able to share their thoughts on the flavors with other Instagram fans. One commenter wrote, "Can confirm, every flavor is *chef's kiss*." Someone else said, "This is brilliant! Cider and brunch, two of my favorite things." Another fan shared, "This is going to be awesome!!!!" 

Other Instagram users were a little disappointed by the availability of Woodchuck cider due to their geographic location. One fan said, "Wish they sold that in my neck of the woods here in GA. It's rather hard to find woodchuck within 20 miles of me." Another comment read, "Ugh why don't we get it in CT!?" But according to the press release, those who want to try The Brunch Box can order it directly from Woodchuck's website.