Gordon Ramsay's Simple Trick To Prevent Soggy Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is possibly one of the most savory, creamy, decadent breakfast dishes. It's a well-rounded plate of protein, carbohydrates, and pure deliciousness. This ultimate menu item utilizes toasty English muffins as its base, providing crunch and smooth texture in every bite.

There are many variations of the eggs Benedict recipe. Some contain the classic ingredients, such as Ramsay's, while others include salmon, guacamole and chorizo, pulled pork, and even crab cakes (via Parade). Taste of Home says the origin of eggs benny is unknown, but there are theories. Some say it was invented at a restaurant in New York, while others insist it had its beginnings at the Waldorf Hotel. The world may never know where the benny came from, but it remains a popular brunch menu regardless.

Keeping the English muffins crisp and toasted is essential for this dish since they are the base for all other ingredients. Gordon Ramsay has a few tips on how to retain their crunchy state. 

Allow the eggs to drain on a paper towel

Gordon Ramsay's recipe for eggs Benedict includes the classic breakfast recipe ingredients. He tops toasted English muffins with seasoned poached eggs, crispy fried Parma ham, and creamy homemade hollandaise sauce. It's the perfect breakfast for spoiling the ones you love.

In his YouTube video, Ramsay reminds his audience that toasting the English muffins will help prevent them from becoming soggy later. He toasts the English muffins in the same frying pan he used to crisp the Parma ham. This allows the muffins to soak up the savory pork flavor and become crispy.

The Hell's Kitchen chef has an additional trick to prevent the English muffins from becoming soggy. After removing the poached eggs from the water they're cooked in, allow them to drain by placing the eggs on a paper towel. The tissue absorbs the water and prevents the English muffins from becoming soggy. Epicurious says you can also dab off excess moisture with a tea towel. Brilliant!

Enjoy your eggs Benedict recipe stacked high with an English muffin base, followed by a layering of Parma ham and a puffy, poached egg. Top it off with creamy hollandaise for a breakfast fit for a king.