How To Make Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Your whisking muscles will thank you

If you're a frequent brunch-goer, you've likely experienced the highs and lows of hollandaise. The highs come when the rich and creamy sauce is poured over your eggs Benedict, and you know you've reached the pinnacle of brunchdom. The lows come when you realize the classic dish is too intimidating to make at home. We're not going to lie. Hollandaise can be a tricky sauce to master.

But if you think you can't make your own hollandaise, think again. Instead of whisking the egg yolks until your arm falls off, try this far simpler method.

Put down the whisk and reach for the blender.

Our friends at Extra Crispy have shared this easy hack that will have you "whipping" up hollandaise in no time. Throw in all the ingredients at once and mix on high for a few minutes. That's it. Seriously. 

Now that you have the skills, we'll see you next weekend for Sunday brunch.