Use This Trick For Fluffier Pancakes

When it comes to pancakes, the fluffier the better. No matter how much butter and maple syrup you add, pancakes that are thin and flat or thick but dense just aren't as satisfying. The key to getting the ideal texture definitely has something to do with using the right amount of leavening agents like baking powder and baking soda, but there's actually another ingredient that's just as important: eggs. According to Food Network, if you beat the egg whites separately before adding them into the batter, you'll end up with fluffy pancakes every time.

The reason this works is that you're essentially adding more air into the batter, with egg whites being the vehicle for that air. As Bon Appétit explains, when egg whites are whisked, their proteins lost structure and reform into a tight network. At the same time, the whisking action also introduces air, and that air gets trapped into the newly formed network of proteins. 

Incorporating more air means the batter will rise more during the cooking process, ultimately yielding pancakes that are lighter and fluffier.

How many egg whites should you add to pancakes?

If you want to stick to your tried-and-true pancake recipe, the only modification you'll need to make, as per Food Network's instructions, is to beat the egg whites separately. To really give your pancakes lift, however, you'll want to add extra. Food Network's recipe, for example, uses one whole egg plus two additional egg whites. Just keep in mind that the more egg whites you add, the more closely it'll resemble a soufflé or a Japanese style pancake.

In that case, Just One Cookbook shares, the risk of your pancake deflating is greater. This happens as a result of the egg whites not being beaten properly and therefore not having enough structure to trap in air. To prevent this, make sure to beat the egg whites to stiff peaks and no longer. Overbeaten egg whites will separate, and underbeaten ones will be too foamy. Once your egg whites are whipped to perfection, you can fold them into your batter and have fluffy pancakes in no time.