How Giada De Laurentiis Replaces Anchovies In Italian Dishes

Giada De Laurentiis knows Italian food and says anchovies are typical in many dishes native to the country. She replaces anchovies in a few ways to create dishes containing superb, rich flavor.

Masterclass says anchovies are big on taste and add depth to many Mediterranean dishes. Anchovies also carry a wealth of health benefits. According to Web MD, the miniature fish promote brain, eye, and heart health, protect the thyroid, reduce blood pressure, and may prevent Alzheimer's disease. They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, calcium, and protein.

With such powerful health benefits and unique, rich flavor, it's no wonder why anchovies are used in so many recipes. Their taste often goes undetected, leaving their existence in dishes discreet. If you don't have a tin of anchovies on hand, don't fret. Giada De Laurentiis has a few ways she replaces anchovies in Italian dishes for that salty flavor you love.

Add anchovy paste, oil, or filets

Anchovies deliver a rich, umami flavor to various dishes, especially Italian food. Giadzy says they are more salty and savory than fishy in taste. Giada De Laurentiis uses anchovies to add a flavor boost to her recipes. She incorporates anchovy paste, oil, and filets to add flavor to her delicious pasta when anchovies aren't available.

The famous chef's Garlic Anchovy Pasta recipe calls for farfalle pasta, anchovy paste, garlic, red pepper flakes, and a few additional ingredients. She considers the dish a "pantry pasta" because it includes common ingredients found in your kitchen pantry.

Bon App├ętit says you may be surprised to know that anchovies are found in many dishes you wouldn't expect. The site says anchovies are often cooked until they melt into the food, providing just the right amount of umami flavor. Serious Eats says anchovies work well in pasta, salads, or almost anything.

Next time you cook, heed Giada's advice and add a little anchovy to the mix.