Essential Ingredients For The Modern Pantry

The essential ingredients in Tasting Table's Modern Pantry

We all want to believe that an effortless meal is within our grasp.

If you stock up on the items in our brand-new Modern Pantry, you'll be one step closer to that admirable goal.

After combing through our shelves and our favorite Tasting Table recipes, we assembled an all-star cast of 12 beloved ingredients, all workhorses of the kitchen.

Our interactive pantry introduces you to our pantry essentials, including soy sauce, vinegar and, of course, bacon. The handy feature also teaches you how to select and cook with each ingredient. Can fresh herbs transform your cooking? Will vinegar make your dinner better? We think so.

We further loaded the pantry by supplying you with 48 diverse recipes that use the ingredients, ranging from a saffron-olive oil cake to Szechuan green beans and a brand-new take on an old favorite, egg salad (check out all the recipes here).

Essential ingredients plus well-tested recipes? That effortless meal is closer than you think.