Why Giada De Laurentiis Adds Lemon To Her Grilled Cheese

Lemon adds zest and flavor to many foods and beverages. Its citrus punch provides acidity and cuts heavy, oily food flavors. The Seattle Times says lemon is as good as salt for bringing out food taste. Also, lemons are inexpensive and difficult to use incorrectly.

Besides being versatile and providing so much flavor, lemons contain vitamins and minerals as well. Healthline says fresh lemons are high in vitamin C and fiber, and may support controlled body weight, a healthy heart, and digestive functions. Lemons also contain plant compounds that help lower cholesterol, prevent anemia, and stave off kidney stones. These sour, bright yellow fruits pack serious health perks.

You may not think of adding lemons to a perfectly melted grilled cheese, but one famous chef does — for a good reason. Giada De Laurentiis' twist on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich has heads turning, and here's why does Giada De Laurentiis elevates the classic grilled cheese sandwich with lemon.

Lemon elevates the flavor of grilled cheese

Giada De Laurentiis told Food Network, "In Capri, they try to use lemons in everything, and what I love about grilled cheese is that cheesy, melty texture, but it tastes so much better and even lighter when you give it a little punch of citrus."

To obtain the light, cheesy flavor of the Lemon Grilled Cheese, the famous chef thinly slices lemons with the skin on and tosses them in a small amount of sugar to coat. She explains that the sugar adds a sweetness to the tart lemons. Allow them to "marinate" for a few minutes.

Next, she spreads the outside of sourdough bread with softened butter and grated Parmesan cheese. The Washington Post reports that spreading softened butter, mayonnaise, or rendered bacon fat on the outside of bread before grilling is a delicious idea, and it seems De Laurentiis agrees. To add a garlic bread-inspired take on your ultimate grilled cheese recipe, sprinkle the bread with garlic powder as well.

Once that's done, layer the lemon and fresh sliced mozzarella on the sourdough bread and grill until golden brown. Giada De Laurentiis recommends pairing your lemon grilled cheese with a glass of prosecco. Cheers!