This Method Will Give You Perfectly Melted Grilled Cheese

There is much debate when it comes to the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Is American, cheddar, or fontina best? Wheat or white bread? Tomato or no tomato? Should ham or bacon be added? What about avocado? Does it need to be dipped in a bowl of tomato soup? While everyone has their own opinion of what makes for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, there is one thing we can all agree on: A grilled cheese is simply not a grilled cheese unless the cheese is perfectly melted.

Some cheeses simply melt better than others. American, mozzarella, cheddar, Gruyère, fontina, and provolone, are all suggested by Bon Appétit for their ability to melt. But even the ideal cheese and a properly heated pan won't guarantee that ooey-gooey end result you desire. Thankfully, there's a simple trick you can do to make sure your grilled cheese sandwich turns out perfectly every time.

Put a lid on it

If you want to guarantee your grilled cheese is melted to perfection, all you need to do is cover it with a lid. After cooking one side of the sandwich in a pan for about two minutes, flip it, reduce the heat, and cover, cooking for another few minutes, recommends Pillsbury.

If you're using a griddle, The Kitchn also recommends covering the sandwich with a pan, baking sheet, or even a bowl. The reason this method works so well is because it forces the heat to reach the parts of the sandwich not touching the griddle, allowing the cheese inside the sandwich to melt, per the Kitchn. 

Covering the sandwich, which seals in the heat, also means that the filling is not cooking at a slower rate than the bread, helping to avoid under-melted cheese and over-grilled bread, according to King Arthur Baking.

So next time you're craving a grilled cheese sandwich, just remember to put a lid on it.