The Hard Seltzer Preferred By Nearly 40% Of People, Per New Survey

Instacart may have dubbed canned cocktails the drink of the summer, but hard seltzer isn't going anywhere. Hard seltzer signifies a healthier alternative to more caloric forms of alcohol (via GoodRx Health), and stands tall even amongst beer, liquor, and sparkling wines, which are notable competitors in contemporary drink trends.

Despite claims that hard seltzer is merely a fad, Goldman Sachs predicted the category to amass over $30 billion in sales by 2025 (via Forbes). Indeed, the market for hard seltzer has accelerated overall. According to Forbes, hard seltzer sales briefly tapered following 2020's quarantine period as people returned to restaurants and the like. But canned hard seltzer consumers need not worry. The drink is here to stay — and the preferences will prove it.

A recent Tasting Table survey asked 588 people for their takes on hard seltzer. The survey responses showed enthusiasm for brands across the board. However, one name in particular resulted in roughly 40% of people popping open a can.

The claws are coming out

There's no need to point fingers. Claws have become synonymous with hard seltzer. Of those who responded to Tasting Table's survey, 39.46%, or 232 people, favored White Claw for hard seltzer. Given the brand's assortment of flavors — which includes February's passion fruit debut — it's no wonder that White Claw is so highly regarded. 

Beyond taste, White Claw's popularity may have something to do with social media. Hard seltzer has been increasing in popularity since 2018, when the craze first became, well, a craze (via Insider). According to CNBC, White Claw gained recognition via customer fanaticism and memes rather than deliberate marketing strategy.

While White Claw is perhaps the most recognizable name in hard seltzer, other brands are not without their own fanbases. Trailing behind White Claw, Truly amassed 22.96% of the vote. Next was High Noon with more than 17% of hard seltzer drinkers, or 101 voters, opted for the seltzer-vodka combination. Topo Chico and Vizzy took fourth and fifth respectively, with 9.18% and 7.99% of the vote. Rounding off the list, Bon & Viv accounted for 3.23% of the vote.

The survey's breakdown shows that hard seltzer has diversified, offering even the pickiest of drinkers plenty of variety. For a simple poolside drink, choose a classic flavor of your preferred brand. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, channel the spirit of the Fourth of July with a hot dog-flavored hard seltzer. Time will tell if funky flavors become the next craze.