New Survey Reveals 40% Of Wine Drinkers Prefer This Sparkling Type

Celebrations deserve to sparkle — and what better way to add a bit of bubbly than to pour a glass?

Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, and Sparkling Rosé don dinner tables and bar counters alike. According to Forbes, such sparkling wines have increased in popularity. Since the pandemic, they've begun to emerge as a distinct category of wine, with tastes worthy of toasting.

To stake their claim to the wine world, sparkling wines have maintained versatility and variety even amongst themselves. While they may seem similar, Champagne, Prosecco, and the like are not the same. Per Saveur, geography and type of grape distinguish one kind of sparkling wine from the next. Champagne differs from Cava due to its individualized and hyper-specific origin story; champagne originates from the Champagne region of France, whereas Cava has Mediterranean roots.

Meanwhile, Prosecco hails from Italy's Veneto region. According to Wine Mag, true Prosecco is grown in Northeast Italy, just outside the cities of Venice and Treviso. Valdobbiadene and Conegliano comprise Italy's Prosecco region. Lush vineyards, rolling hills, and the open-air set the stage for a sommelier's dream come true. Forget soaking up your surroundings; Veneto is the place to drink them all in.

But with a sparkling wine for every occasion, wine lovers will inevitably play favorites. A recent Tasting Table survey showed that one type of wine tends to elicit the most enthusiastic responses — but that doesn't mean other variations are standing still.

When it comes to sparkling wine, enthusiasm for champagne overfloweth

Is it any surprise that Champagne tops the wine list — and tops off the most flutes? According to a Tasting Table survey, 40.10% of 626 people preferred to fill up their glasses with Champagne. That equates to 251 wine-lovers who resoundingly responded in favor of the drink.

Although Champagne is a popular wine, not to mention New Year's Eve drink, other forms of sparkling wine are just as high-quality, says Food and Wine. Places beyond France — Italy, of course, but also India, as well as countries throughout the world — have made a name for their own sparkling drinks.

Those who responded to the Tasting Table survey were willing to give these other forms of bubbly a chance. Of those surveyed, Sparkling Rosé fanatics comprised 27.64% of the vote, with 173 people voting for the summery drink. Meanwhile, 157 Prosecco lovers trailed slightly behind the rosé-all-day crowd; Prosecco amassed 25.08% of the vote. Cava rounded off the wines, with 45 people — or 8% — citing the Spanish style as their go-to.

Clearly, sparkling wine lovers have their pick when it comes to their next bottle. But if none of these options do it for you, there are plenty of other variations to try. Just make sure to chill your bottle before pouring a glass. Those bubbles will taste sweeter.