How One Texas Brewery Is Making Hot Dog-Flavored Hard Seltzer

Sunny skies and higher temperatures have us reaching for hard seltzers and craving hot dogs fresh from the grill. The beverage is so popular that there is a wide variety of types that we recommend for your sipping pleasure this summer. And who doesn't like a good hot dog? Americans sure can't get enough of this classic. In fact, you may be surprised just how many hot dogs are consumed in the U.S. on the 4th of July alone.

But even the biggest fans of these summer staples might have to pause before trying the latest creation from Martin House Brewing Company: a hot dog-flavored hard seltzer. No, this isn't a fever dream. You're reading this correctly. The Fort Worth, Texas, brewery is releasing two new brews this summer. The first one, Murph Juice, debuted in late June and it's a barbecue sauce beer made in collaboration with T&D BBQ in Weatherford, Texas. The brew is a sour-base with the same mix of spices used for T&D's barbecue sauce, such as soy sauce, cayenne, cinnamon, onion powder, garlic, and black pepper. The second beverage, coming in July, is Bun Length, a spiked seltzer that tastes like hot dogs (via Dallas Morning News).

How is the hot dog-flavored hard seltzer made?

Bun Length is the first specialty seltzer from Martin House. How does the hard seltzer get its hot dog flavor? The beverage, which contains 5.2% alcohol, is brewed with the water left after boiling 52 pounds of the wiener and should taste exactly like a boozy version of a hot dog, Martin House marketing director Shugg Cole told Dallas Morning News.

The unique spiked seltzer will launch on July 16 during a ticketed party celebrating — you guessed it — hot dogs. The celebration, dubbed "Glizzy Fest," will take place in the brewery's very own backyard and feature three food trucks serving up hot dogs, sausages and barbecue, other kinds of vendors, dachshunds (also known as "wiener dogs"), a John Cougar Mellencamp cover band, and Bun Length on draft. The frankfurter-flavored brew will also be sold in cans for $4 each, but only 420 of them will be available to purchase (via Food & Wine).

As unusual as this hard seltzer might seem, a concoction like this isn't atypical for Martin House. The brewery has previously released a mustard pickle beer, Space Pizza, a beer brewed with tomatoes and oregano, and even an Elf-inspired one with maple syrup, M&Ms, and spaghetti. A hot dog-flavored seltzer is just "another day in the office," Cole said to Dallas Morning News.