White Claw Just Quietly Released A Tropical New Hard Seltzer Flavor

White Claw has long been the unofficial king of the crowded hard seltzer category, paving the way for countless other boozy sparkling beverage brands after its debut. Despite the ever-growing competition, the beverage company has continued to own the market over the years, accounting for 58% of the total hard seltzer market in 2019 (via Business Insider).

Part of White Claw's perennial popularity is due to the brand's continuously expanding lineup of flavors, which are sold in individually, in packs, or multi-flavor variety packs. Now, the adult beverage maker has unveiled their latest fruity flavor just in time for the most passionate holiday of the year.

According to VinePair, this week White Claw debuted its latest tropical-inspired flavor: Passion Fruit. In a press release, the brand shared that the new flavor "delivers a clean, balanced, and refreshing taste of sweetness and right amount of tartness that's found in the popular tropical fruit."

The Passion Fruit cans will soon be included in the brand's Variety Pack #2 — alongside Watermelon, Lemon, and Tangerine Claws — taking the spot of Mango. However, Mango White Claw fans have no need to fret; the flavor will likely still be sold as part of Variety Pack #3

White Claw fans are excited about the brand's latest flavor

After teasing the arrival of a new flavor with a mysterious post earlier this week, White Claw officially announced the debut of the Passion Fruit flavor in an Instagram post. Seltzer fans took to the comments to share their excitement, writing things like: "[I'M] SO EXCITED FOR THIS FLAVOR OMG," and, "where can we find this?! Must try asap!!!"

TikToker @Galpalkal got an early taste of the seltzer brand's latest offering through a White Claw fan club. Upon tasting the Passion Fruit can, the seltzer enthusiast exclaimed: "That's yummy! I love that. I would give that a solid, like 8 out of 10. ... I feel like if you like mango and like those kinds of flavors, you would like this." Twitter user @Cassandrafoy also praised the company's latest offering, writing: "y'all, White Claw has a passion fruit flavor now and it's A+." 

As part of the Passion Fruit rollout, White Claw took to Twitter to solicit a celebrity endorsement from "Passionfruit" rapper Drake, writing, "Hey Drake, our Passion Fruit tastes just as good as yours sounds. Reply and we might hook you and your fans up with a little something on us." As of now, the Toronto-born musician hasn't responded. 

White Claw's latest flavor — which is all but guaranteed to excite the most passionate of seltzer fans — has already begun appearing on some store shelves across the U.S., and will be available nationwide by mid-February.