Instacart Thinks This Will Be Summer's Top Drink

For many, no pool party is complete without a few adult beverages. According to the results of an online survey recently conducted on behalf of Instacart by The Harris Poll, more than half of the participants agreed that they drink more in the summer and feel it's the perfect time to try out new alcoholic beverages.

The popular food and drink delivery service says its sales data showed hard seltzer was the top drink of recent summers, exploding in popularity the past three years. Business Insider notes that hard seltzers aren't actually all that new. Bon & Viv introduced its hard seltzer back in 2013, but it wasn't till around 2018 that the market really took off. Sales of the hard seltzer brand White Claw alone quadrupled that year, per Bloomberg, totaling $627.2 million.

Hard seltzers are now a ubiquitous drink, and according to Instacart, rarely absent from the hands of summer drinkers. However, sales for hard seltzer started to stagnate in 2021, per Hop Culture, and Instacart says these waning sales show that a new drink is poised to inherit the crown.

Canned cocktails are in for summer 2022

Move over hard seltzers: Instacart is declaring 2022 the summer of the canned cocktail. Its survey data shows that one in three customers are "officially over" hard seltzers, and Instacart believes canned cocktails will be the next heir to the pool noodle throne.

Made from a variety of spirit and mixer combinations, Instacart notes that canned cocktails' ready-made nature and great taste have them poised to see a huge increase in sales this summer. The company's data shows that canned cocktails placed fourth for summer 2021 and are carrying the momentum of a strong year where sales increased by 100% on the platform. With a wide variety of options out there that capture the magic of a perfect gin and tonic or margarita, all in a convenient can, there's something for every kind of drinker as well.

This prediction tracks: according to Spirits Business, the ready-made cocktail market is expected to continue growing steadily for the next 10 years. The outlet reports an annual expected growth rate of 11.6% that will reach $57.2 billion in value by 2032.

In its report, Instacart also noted the rise of the mocktail, sharing that over 57% of survey participants cited an interest in drinking less this summer — or at least occasionally giving booze-free booze a try. Other hits the company predicts for summer 2022 include light lagers and vodka.