Light And Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe

These light and fresh spring rolls are, indeed, light and fresh, but they're so much more than that. They're crunchy, crisp, earthy, and make for the perfect snack. "My favorite thing about these spring rolls is how fresh and crunchy they are," recipe developer and wellness coach Miriam Hahn says. "They are easy to make and a great way to work veggies into your day." These spring rolls aren't only for adults, however — Hahn notes that "kids forget they are eating vegetables and gobble them up because they are fun to eat," so if you have a kiddo who isn't a fan of veggies, these may change their mind, especially when served with the right dip or sauce. 

There are nearly countless variations or customizations that you could make with spring rolls, but Hahn keeps it simple and classic with her recipe. You can expect lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, bell pepper, and even some cilantro and mint. Suffice to say, these rolls are packed to the absolute brim with fresh, healthy goodness, but once you dunk them in a spicy peanut sauce, you'll only be able to focus on how truly delicious they are. 

Gather the ingredients to make light and fresh spring rolls

To make these refreshing spring rolls, you'll need butter lettuce (stemmed and chopped), carrots (cut into thin strips), an English cucumber (cut into thin strips), thinly sliced purple cabbage, sliced bell pepper, chopped scallions, chopped cilantro, chopped mint leaves, thin rice or glass noodles, and round spring roll wrappers. 

"There really isn't a special ingredient, but the fun part of this recipe is you can include any veggie or fresh herb that you have on hand," Hahn explains, adding that she loves to add both fresh mint and cilantro. "If you have a mix of herbs growing in your garden, you can mix several different herbs in to add in more fresh flavor!"

Cook the rice noodles

Add water to a medium-sized pot and get it boiling on the stovetop. Once boiling, remove the water from the heat, and drop in the rice noodles. Allow them to sit in the hot water for 10 minutes, during which time they will soften. You should also look at the package's instructions for how to cook the noodles — different brands or types may vary slightly.

Assemble the spring rolls

Add some water to a shallow pan, then submerge one of the spring roll wrappers in it for about 10 seconds, just until the wrapper softens. Lay the wet wrapper out on a cutting board or other work surface, then load up the veggies. You can pile in the veggies in any order, but Hahn likes to do lettuce first, then carrots, cucumbers, bell pepper, scallions, cilantro, and mint, finishing off with a small amount of the cooked rice noodles. Be sure to place all the ingredients close to the center of the wrapper, and leave an inch of space around the border so you can roll it all up. 

Speaking of rolling, the method here is pretty similar to rolling a burrito. Start by folding the sides of the wrapper in, then fold the front flap over the top and roll it up the rest of the way. Repeat this process with each of the spring rolls, placing them onto a platter (rolled side down), and covering with a damp dishtowel to retain their moisture. 

Serve these spring rolls with peanut sauce

Once you've rolled up the last of the spring rolls, you're ready to serve. Hahn likes to serve these crispy, crunchy rolls with a squeeze of lime and some peanut sauce, but you certainly don't have to stop there. "Other than the peanut sauce, I also like dipping [them] in a spicy sriracha sauce, a ranch dip, or a creamy avocado dip," she suggests. Also, she notes that these are definitely more of a snack than a meal, but they pair quite well with soup — a hearty red pepper soup or a Mexican rice soup would definitely round out the dish. 

Light And Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe
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We upgraded the classic Vietnamese spring roll, making it extra bright, green, and springy, featuring lots of crisp and crunchy veggies.
Prep Time
Cook Time
spring rolls on platter
Total time: 25 minutes
  • 2 cups butter lettuce, stems removed, chopped
  • 2 carrots, cut into thin strips
  • 1 English cucumber, cut into thin strips
  • 1 cup purple cabbage, thinly sliced
  • ½ bell pepper, thinly sliced
  • 3 scallions, chopped
  • ¼ cup cilantro, chopped
  • 10 mint leaves, chopped
  • 2 cups thin rice or glass noodles
  • 12 round spring roll wrappers
Optional Ingredients
  • peanut sauce, for serving
  • lime, for garnish
  1. Bring a medium pot of water to a boil. Turn off the heat and drop in the rice noodles. Let them sit for 10 minutes to soften. (Or follow the noodles' package instructions, if this varies.)
  2. Using a shallow pan, submerge a spring roll wrapper in water for about 10 seconds until it softens, then lay it on a work surface (cutting board or clean dish towel) and start layering in the veggies. Start with the lettuce, then add the carrots, cucumber, cabbage, bell pepper, scallions, cilantro, mint leaves, and some of the noodles. Make sure to leave about an inch border to wrap the roll.
  3. Fold in the wrapper's sides and roll it up like a burrito. Place on a tray and cover with a damp dishtowel.
  4. Serve with a peanut sauce or another sauce of choice. Garnish with lime, if desired.
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