Virginia Peanuts Are The Gourmet Variety You Should Be Cooking With

Whether you're looking to add a bit of crunch to home fries or boil up some spicy peanuts in your crockpot, you should know that all peanuts are not created equal. Four different primary varieties of peanuts offer unique bite-sized flavors to nut lovers. One type, Virginia peanuts, boasts a taste unlike the others. These gourmet nuts are often referred to as the Cadillac of peanuts, and if you've ever ordered a bag of roasted peanuts to snack on at a baseball game, there's a good chance you've sampled these meaty monsters for yourself. 

Throughout the United States, Virginia peanuts make up around 15% of the total peanut production. In one acre alone, over 4,000 pounds of peanuts can be harvested. Despite the name, however, Virginia peanuts are not only grown in Virginia but also in both North and South Carolina and in Texas. It is due to these moderate climates that Virginia peanuts can develop a sweeter, richer, and earthier flavor than other kinds of peanuts. Once roasted, this unique flavor becomes even more pronounced.  

These nuts deliver both size and flavor

The combination of flavor from the soil and climate in which these nuts are grown coupled up with the larger size of each peanut makes for an ingredient that is satisfyingly crunchy with a decadent mouthfeel. Not only are Virginia peanuts bigger than the other peanut varieties and can add more mass to your recipes, but these peanuts have a distinct taste that can add depth to menus and keep snackers reaching for more. Any nut lover will certainly enjoy gobbling down these delicacies while sipping a cold pint of their favorite IPA.

From hearty peanut butter soup to sweet desserts like peanut butter fudge made with Virginia peanuts, Virginia peanuts are real pleasures to incorporate into culinary projects. Sprinkle Virginia peanuts on top of salads or make creamy peanut butter at home. Use Virginia peanuts to make a velvety spicy peanut sauce for tonight's dinner, or roast them up with spices for a convenient snack. With so much potential, you may want to pick up another package of these peanuts the next time you're at the store.