How Long Jarred Peppers Last In The Fridge After Opening

Crack open a jar of roasted red peppers to prepare a pesto or some spicy jalapeños, banana pepper rings, or pepperoncinis to add big flavor to your tuna sandwich, and you may wonder how quickly you need to use them before they go bad. An opened jar of peppers that has been properly stored in the fridge can last for between two and three weeks. Just be sure to make certain the peppers are still covered with whatever liquid they came in. This will help ensure they stay fresh.

How can you tell when your jarred peppers are ready to toss? Look for signs of mold. This is a clear sign this food is past its prime. Is there a strong odor? This can also mean your jarred peppers are no longer good to use. Additionally, if there appears to be any type of fizzing taking place in the pickling solution, it's best to get rid of the peppers.

How to use your peppers before you lose them

While pickling does extend the life of these peppers, nothing is forever, which means you may want to have a strategy to use your leftovers. Give a meatball sub some added heat by throwing on some banana peppers. Cut up some roasted red peppers to transform your sloppy joes. Want something more sophisticated? Put some pickled jalapeños on your next charcuterie board alongside some delicious goat cheese. Your taste buds will thank you. There are so many different types of peppers and ways to use them, so don't be timid about experimenting.

But don't let the shelf life of an opened jar intimidate you. If there happens to be a sale on jarred peppers and you want to stock up, unopened jars of peppers can last for a couple of years. Use them to make chorizo with piquillo pepper dip or add a jar of banana peppers and its juice to your pulled pork to add a bright, zingy in taste.