The Costco Food Court Pizza Hack That You'll Wish You Tried Sooner

While it's common to find a food court offering hot dogs and pizza, Costco is home to an affordable selection of culinary delights that invites guests to try a bit of foodie experimentation. Picture this: You've finished your most recent shopping trip and not only are you hungry, but you've also been looking forward to a treat. You might have your particular food court favorites, but it's time to think outside the box. Now, in a world of next-level and creative food court Costco hacks, imagine your hot dog encased in a slice of pizza. There is no need to pick favorites — we promise this "Costco Taco" is a culinary innovation that will revolutionize your next trip.

Straightforward and with no need for cutlery, here's how to assemble this genius Costco hack. First, place your order for a jumbo hot dog (an item which, incidentally, is more popular than sales in all MLB stadiums). Next up, purchase a slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza. Now, take a seat and remove the hot dog from the bun, then wrap the pizza around the hot dog to create an easy handheld pizza dog. Experiment with pepperoni or cheese pizza to see which works best for your taste buds. The best part? All the components are available at an affordable price, making it a must-try for everyone!

A Costco taco is in your future

We understand that the combination of a hot dog and pizza might sound unusual, but let's break down why this culinary mash-up works. With their bulk products, Costco can be relied on for flavor consistency. No matter which Costco you happen to be visiting, these ingredients should always be available, hot, and delicious. So, you're always going to get a soft baked, gooey slice of pizza and a perfectly cooked hot dog. Together, this unique wrap is warm, savory, and satisfying in a way only food court food can be. 

Furthermore, should you find yourself craving a Costco hot dog at home, you are in luck — the same hot dogs are available to purchase. Additionally, Costco sells whole pizzas that are easy to take away, making it easy to take this pizza hot dog party home for the whole family to enjoy.