What Makes Swedish Candy Different?

In case you missed it, Swedish candy is all the rage. TikTok creators have caught on to Swedish candy culture, particularly lördagsgodis, or "Saturday candy," a tradition where children (and many adults!) indulge in a variety of sweets every Saturday. With this candy culture comes sweet treats specific to Sweden, which creators are reviewing and sharing online. As a result, brick and mortar shops like BonBon — one of the best candy stores in the U.S. — and online Swedish candy retailers are struggling to keep up with the soaring demand. But what makes Swedish candy unique, anyway?

Swedish candy is often sold — and consumed — in mixes of sweet and sour gummies. The texture is one key difference in Swedish candy compared to the gummies that we buy in the U.S. It is airier and fluffier than typical gummies, with an almost marshmallowy consistency. Swedish sweets often feature unique flavors, such as licorice or berry combinations, that set them apart from the typically sweeter, sugar-based American candies. 

In addition to fun textures and flavors, there's also a notable difference in ingredients. As many Americans become more mindful of what they eat, there's a growing demand for products with clear ingredient lists and natural ingredients. Swedish candies usually contain fewer artificial colors and preservatives compared to their American counterparts, focusing more on natural flavors and high-quality ingredients. They are often gluten-free, vegan, and use glucose instead of gelatin, avoiding trans fats and corn syrup. 

Where to get Swedish candy

The fun of lördagsgodis starts with picking out a bag of candy in a candy shop, but that's not an option for everyone. For those without a Swedish candy store nearby, online retailers are your best bet. Many offer bags of single candy types, or varieties of sweet and salty candies, as well as licorice and/or chocolates, but there are also pick-and-mix options that let you try a little of everything. 

Be prepared to wait more than usual for your candy to arrive, though, as the TikTok trend has prompted shops to have longer delivery times due to high demand. Amazon has a couple of mini bag mixes perfect for anyone interested in sampling popular options — here's a sweet and sour mix and a fizzy mix. Not sure what to get? Check out our ranking of 21 popular Swedish candies, or take a chance with the Swedish candy that corresponds with your zodiac sign.

Of course, it wouldn't be a TikTok trend without dupes, so if you want to experience candy joy sooner rather than later, there are plenty of folks trying out easier-to-find candies in hopes of finding similar flavors or textures. World Market's selection of international sweets is a popular starting point, but clever candy fanatics have identified American candies like Smarties Squashies as being dupes for Swedish candy. No matter which direction you go for your candy selection, your life is sure to be sweeter as a result.