21 Best Candy Stores In The US

There's just not much more enchanting than the allure of a candy shop. The experience begins even before you set foot inside. From afar, you're called by an enticing aroma that wafts through the air, promising sweetness and delight. As you draw closer, a feast for the eyes awaits, with a riot of vibrant colors dancing in the storefront, each shade more tantalizing than the last.

Candy shops offer so much more than just sights and scents. They're a harmonious blend of theming, offerings, and a rich sense of nostalgia. A quality establishment possesses its own unique character, weaving together memories that resonate with both the young and the young at heart. The classic candy shop, in particular, transports us back to simpler times, evoking memories of childhood and days gone by. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a casual sweet-toothed wanderer, there's a world of delight waiting to be explored at some of the nation's best candy shops. 

It's certainly not an easy road to become the best of the best, but these draw us back time and time again because of a steadfast devotion to offering chocolatey, gummy, sweet goodness in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Though the old adage may reference a kid in a candy store, we see no reason adults can't relive that childlike whimsy in these simply delicious candy stores, too.

M&M's World in New York City, NY

For an immersive M&M experience, visit M&M's World in New York City. Here, you'll discover large tubes filled with a vibrant spectrum of M&M colors so that you can create an M&M collection perfectly curated and unique to you. You can find all M&M flavors and branded merchandise ranging from apparel to novelty items. 

Throughout the store, there are signs that celebrate both M&M's and the spirit of New York. It's a must-visit for both M&M enthusiasts and candy aficionados. The store spans multiple levels with escalators connecting each floor. Additionally, it boasts impressive statues showcasing the beloved M&M characters in all their charm.

Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, PA

In Hershey, Pennsylvania, you can explore Hershey's Chocolate World. The candy shop's offerings cover the brand's full range of favorite sweets, like Reese's and York. Of course, you can also find a whole lot of merchandise celebrating these candies and flavors. The shop also offers Hershey's Kisses in a unique assortment of colors and flavors that you might not find in your local grocery store. 

One highlight is the massive candy machine, which allows you to create a mixed selection of various candies all packaged together. From mini versions to full-sized bars; if you're a Hershey's chocolate aficionado, this place is a must-visit.

The Confectionary in Orlando, FL

One of the first stores you'll encounter in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is the Confectionery. In fact, the tantalizing aroma of sweets might reach you even before the store comes into view. The Confectionery offers a delightful array of Mickey-shaped snacks and freshly made treats, often crafted right before your eyes. 

There are also pre-made delights and even an M&M wall where you can create your own custom bag. We particularly enjoy watching cast members expertly dip rice crispy treats, adorn caramel apples with various toppings, and concoct popcorn mixes drizzled with chocolate, candies, and marshmallows.

Sugar Britches in Rockton, IL

We have a soft spot for quaint town candy shops, and Sugar Britches in Rockton, Illinois, ranks among our favorites. Nestled on the main thoroughfare of this charming town, the boutique candy shop sells scrumptious caramel apples, a delightful range of old-fashioned candy, and our personal favorite: homemade caramels. 

These individually wrapped delights taste reminiscent of a beloved grandma's recipe. Alongside these treats, you can also find popular candies from well-known brands like Haribo and Jelly Belly. Toward the back, there's a bakery case of truffles and other chocolate sweets. Not to mention, Sugar Britches plays a significant role in supporting the local community, various charitable endeavors, and the residents of this small northern Illinois town.

Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop in San Francisco, CA

For the ultimate chocolate experience, you must visit the Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop, located in the compound that is Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. This area comprises a blend of candy stores and experiences, from a classic soda fountain and ice cream parlor to a shop dedicated to treats from the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. You can find chocolate squares and a whole bunch of other iconic snacks. Frequent festivals and events enliven the atmosphere, and ample outdoor spaces invite visitors to relax, munch on treats, and soak in the surroundings. 

Ghirardelli Square is as delightful to the palate as it is to the eyes. Not to mention, the stunning views of the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, and nearby attractions (mini-golf and an arcade) make it an unforgettable destination for chocolate lovers.

BonBon - A Swedish Candy Co. in New York City, NY

You'll find BonBon, a Swedish candy company, at two locations in New York — one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. Here, you can indulge in sweets imported directly from Sweden, along with ice cream and, occasionally, hot dogs. While the venues might be compact, every inch of wall space is used efficiently, showcasing a plethora of candies for a delightful quick candy stop. 

Additionally, you'll find ultra-friendly staff eager to assist you in curating the perfect assortment of sweets during your visit. BonBon participates in community events in the city, bringing the joy of Swedish candy outside of its sweet walls.

Big Top Candy Shop in Austin, TX

Modeled after a circus tent, Big Top Candy Shop is a gem of Austin, Texas. Upon entering, it immediately strikes you how the shop is brimming with candies from wall to wall. Though the storefront is narrow, it extends back considerably. Along with the vast array of candies, the store is adorned with delightful decorations that transport you to a whimsical circus setting.

Big Top offers a mix of local, old-fashioned, and contemporary candies, as well as ice cream. Approach the counter for artisanal delights; You won't be able to help but marvel at the abundant colors and the palpable sense of joy and wonderment permeating this candy sanctuary.

Candyality in Chicago, IL

Chicago's Candyality derives its playful name from the fusion of candy and personality. This store is a treasure trove of treats, offering an array of bulk gummies, chocolates, and classic movie theater favorites. Additionally, you can find a selection of confections imported from the U.K. 

While many cities have their beloved candy offerings, Chicago proudly lays claim to iconic favorites such as Tootsie Rolls, Lemon Heads, and Dots. The store also features large dispensers filled with popular treats like M&Ms. At Candyality, the underlying theme is the link between one's personality and their candy preferences. In fact, visiting the candy shop often includes a personality analysis at the checkout counter.

Honeydukes in Orlando, FL and Anaheim, CA

Fans of the beloved Harry Potter series will recognize Honeydukes as the enchanting candy shop filled with whimsical and magical treats and located in Hogsmeade village. At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in both Orlando and Hollywood, this sweet shop comes to life. Visitors can indulge in familiar candies presented with a magical twist, as well as treats directly from the series, such as chocolate frogs that come with collectible cards. 

The store also offers baked goods and candy apples. The look of the candy shop mixes an old-world candy shop and bright, lively colors. The next time you visit Universal Studios on either coast, be sure to stop by this brought to life, beloved storybook candy shop.

Shane Confectionary in Philadelphia, PA

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lies Shane Confectionery, an epitome of old-school charm. Steeped in history, this elegant establishment honors the time-tested confectionery traditions of historic Philadelphia. This isn't merely a place to pick up mass-made candies; instead, it prides itself on specializing in meticulously crafted handmade sweets.

Holding the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating confectionery shop in America, every bite speaks to a legacy. The richness of its offerings is evident in each product. Moreover, the shop features a delightful array of seasonal delicacies that change throughout the year, such as its indulgent pumpkin spice espresso beans.

Third Avenue Chocolate Shoppe in Spring Lake, NJ

Third Avenue Chocolate Shoppe offers a harmonious blend of handcrafted chocolate candies and popular choices like Jelly Bellies and saltwater taffy. Over the years, ownership has transitioned from the original visionary to a dedicated employee who started there as a young chocolatier. The essence and tradition of the shop have not waned.

Beyond the draw of a quick and tasty chocolate treat, you can explore a curated selection of festive gifts, each beautifully packaged with the shop's emblem showcased prominently. Rich in history and local sentiment, the establishment serves as a popular purveyor of sweets and chocolates.

Wilton Candy Kitchen in Wilton, IA

Wilton Candy Kitchen, named for the Iowan town it calls home, is part candy shop, part soda fountain, and all nostalgia. The candy selection prominently features old-time favorites, taking you on a trip down memory lane. You can also pop in for a meal here, and there's no better way to relive the past than by taking a seat at the counter for an authentic soda fountain experience. 

Wilton Candy Kitchen not only welcomes groups eager to experience its retro charm but also plays a significant role in enriching the broader community. It very much feels like taking a step back in time when visiting.

River Street Sweets in Savannah, GA

River Street Sweets stocks is a range of handmade treats, with its delectable pralines being a standout crowd favorite, as prominently mentioned on the charming storefront signage. Beyond the alluring physical location in Savannah, Georgia, River Street Sweets offers the added convenience of ordering packaged delights online for direct shipping. 

Delving into its diverse collection, customers will discover treats like bear claws and a rich assortment of both chocolate and caramel creations. Despite its impressive growth and widespread popularity, River Street Sweets never compromises on quality, ensuring each piece retains its authentic, handcrafted touch.

Southern Candymakers in New Orleans, LA

Southern Candymakers shop is located in the French Quarter, and if you're a lover of handmade pralines, this is a must-visit. Beyond the mouthwatering treats, you'll enjoy a whole slew of other options, too. The store has a notable assortment of gifts and beautifully crafted gift boxes. 

We particularly enjoy the fun, New Orleans-themed candies that use an assortment of decadent mixtures, colors, and flavors to pay homage to local icons like gators, crawfish, and the region's distinctive mud. Not to be missed are the Voodoo boxes filled with ultra-unique s'mores, each infused with a delicious New Orleans twist. Southern Candymakers even roll out king cake pralines to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Samuel's Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck, NY

While actor Paul Rudd might not be the first name you associate with candy, he, along with his wife, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Hilarie Burton, co-own a sweet establishment. They took ownership of Samuel's Sweet Shop after its former owner, Ira Gutner, unexpectedly passed away in 2014. Touched by the community's outpouring of support, the group stepped in to preserve the legacy of this beloved candy store. 

Brimming with chocolates, gummies, and a variety of bulk candies, the shop offers more than just sweets. Visitors can also indulge in both hot and cold beverages, making Samuel's as much a coffee shop as it is a candy haven.

Cottage of Sweets in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Beyond its delicious chocolates and imported licorice, the charm of this sweet shop in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, lies in its design. This delightful establishment is crafted to resemble an authentic cottage and has a rich history. Originally, the location began as a supplier of weaving essentials. 

It later transitioned into a dress shop before finding its sweet destiny. Today, it stands as a cherished favorite both in the town and beyond. A perpetual aroma of caramel and chocolate envelops its surroundings, inviting passersby to step inside and indulge, all while enjoying the old-world design of the cottage.

See's Candies in Multiple locations

Although See's Candy originated in California, it has since expanded with locations across the country and even internationally. In 1921, Charles See, along with his family and widowed mother Mary, moved to Los Angeles. It was here that they opened their first candy shop, showcasing Mary See's own cherished recipes. Remarkably, in just four years, this single establishment expanded to 12 shops throughout the city, heralding more success in the future.

Indeed, the first international branch was inaugurated in Hong Kong in 1976. Today, you can visit an in-person See's Candy store, but the brand also employs a comprehensive online presence. Its webpage offers a plethora of delicious options, including those celebrating various seasons and holidays.

Jack's Candy in Los Angeles, CA

Named after Jack Levy, Jack's Candy spans a vast 20,000-square-foot storefront filled with sweets on many shelves stretching quite high. Showcasing an incredible variety of sweet offerings, the store has an impressive assortment of around 10,000 items, blending both American and Mexican favorites. 

Visitors often marvel at the variety available. Upon entering, its expansive layout might remind you of wholesale giants like Costco or Sam's Club. Alongside the extensive in-store selection, treats can also be ordered directly from their comprehensive website, so there's no need to make a trek for candy. And if you fall in love with a hard-to-find sweet, the online ordering makes it pretty easy to love Jack's Candy.

Economy Candy in New York City, NY

For Economy Candy, what began as a side business eventually became the central attraction. Initially, it was a repair shop specializing in hat and shoe fixes, but candy was also sold outdoors on a pushcart. During the Great Depression, the candy cart's business skyrocketed when compared to the repair shop; this prompted owners to shift their focus.

Today, the store features a range of unique confections alongside more traditional and specialized candies with a range of offerings for different diets, lifestyles, and cultures. And if you can't visit the New York location, these sweet offerings are available for purchase online.

The Sweet Palace in Phillipsburg, MT

This charming sweets location in Phillipsburg, Montana, is absolutely covered in a pale pink color and showcases delights such as fudge, nostalgic favorites, saltwater taffies, gummies, licorice, jelly bellies, candy sticks, and sugar-free options in glistening glass candy jars. The ambiance is reminiscent of an old-world, sophisticated candy store.

Its design evokes a Western-style saloon, complete with wooden accents and a rustic feel that still feels welcoming, even today. The shop spans two floors and features seating around the entire upper level, accessible by staircases where you can sit and people-watch or enjoy your candy.

Ye Olde Pepper Companie in Salem, MA

Holding the title of the oldest candy shop, Ye Olde Pepper Companie is a gem nestled in Salem, Massachusetts. Given Salem's deep-rooted association with the eerie ambiance of the autumnal season and its rich history of witch trials, it seems only fitting for such an iconic candy shop to be located here.

Established in 1806, the shop has witnessed several ownership changes over the centuries. However, its timeless charm, rich heritage, and unwavering dedication to producing delectable candy have remained constant. As you explore the enchanting streets of Salem, filled with tales of the supernatural, ensure you make a stop at this historic and sweet landmark.