14 Best Mickey-Shaped Snacks At Walt Disney World Ranked

When planning a Walt Disney World vacation, there's just so much to think about. From catching all the shows and meeting your favorite characters for autographs and photos to booking those special dining reservations, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. But let's not forget one of the most important aspects of any theme park adventure: snacks. And while you can plan many aspects of your trip, snacks tend to be a little on a whim. Even still, knowing what's out there can help you make the best choices for your snack cravings.

Luckily, Disney is pretty much the king of theme park snacking, and the parks have all sorts of yummy treats to keep you fueled up and ready to take on the magic. After all, the Confectionery at the Magic Kingdom is a whole store dedicated to keeping you sugared up. Some of our absolute favorites are the ones that look like the main mouse himself. You can nibble on everything from Mickey-shaped waffles to fancy celebration cakes, and there are even some savory options if you're feeling a bit peckish. Plus, there are locations all across the resort that offer these tasty treats. Don't discount the snack carts because you'll often find some of the tastiest treats there.

Of course, there are tons of delicious snacks from all over Walt Disney World, but we just can't resist those cute and tasty Mickey-shaped treats. So go ahead and indulge a little; you're on vacation, after all.

Mickey cupcakes

Every time we visit the parks, there is a new special cupcake offering. We find they frequently rotate with the seasons And holidays. Typically, you'll find a vanilla or chocolate cupcake with quite a bit of frosting to create a design topped with little Mickey ears. You can also ask the cast member checking out your cupcake to pack it up so that it does not get crushed if you are waiting to eat your cupcake at a later time.

While these cupcakes are absolutely adorable, they are at the bottom of the list of our favorite snacks shaped like the famous mouse. This is primarily because they are just a little on the disappointing side when compared to everything Disney offers for snacks. As a result, they end up tasting something like the decorated cupcakes you might find in your grocery store bakery rather than tasty cupcakes from a delicious bakery.

Since you can pick these up across Walt Disney World property at many different dining locations, we recommend scanning the My Disney Experience app and checking in on the different dining locations before you decide where to get your cupcake. After all, the seasonal and promotional variations can vary greatly from location to location. Interestingly enough, the value resorts' quick service restaurants typically have really cool cupcake options.

Mickey marshmallow cake pops

If you've ever been around a toddler in a Starbucks, then you know the draw of cake pops to kids. To cash in on this phenomenon, Disney World offers marshmallow cake pops. Like the cupcakes, these are themed based on the season or nearby holiday, and they are mostly found at places with a confection display.

When at the Magic Kingdom, the Confectionery is your best bet to pick up one of these marshmallow cake pops, and it is our favorite spot to grab them too. Here, you will find chocolate-dipped marshmallows with a long stick. Decorating the big circle, you can get M&M's, Snickers, and other candies being seasonally offered. Very often, you will also find cake pops with chocolate drizzle all over the top.

When your little one enjoys this sweet, be aware that underneath the chocolate coating, it is marshmallow, and kids sometimes attack these with a little more gumption than they should. So be sure to pay close attention to your child while they eat one of these cake pops since the inside is fluffy marshmallow rather than dense cake.

Mickey caramel apples

The caramel apples you will find at Walt Disney World are unlike any caramel apples you have seen before. To begin with, the apples tend to be very large, and the caramel is very generous. In addition to that, these confections get some extraordinary embellishments. Not only are they themed for different parks and celebrations, but they also include a whole lot of candy.

Unlike some other Disney snacks, it is more difficult to find these caramel apples, but if there is a convection case, you can pretty much be certain there will be at least one caramel option in there. While we love the extraordinarily themed ones, our favorite caramel apples come from locations that also serve Werther's caramel-branded products. At the Magic Kingdom, we recommend checking out Big Top Souvenirs over by Dumbo, and in Epcot, the Karamell-Küche store in the Germany pavilion has some delicious options. Of course, you can also check out caramel apples being made at the Confectionery off of Main Street. Here, you could watch cast members dip and coat these caramel apples.

Unfortunately, these caramel apples are tough to eat inside a Walt Disney World park because you will struggle to find a strong enough knife to cut up the apple. Plastic forks and knives are widely available throughout the parks, but you're going to want something a little stronger, like you might find back at your resort or home.

Mickey cookies

In confectionery displays across the property, you will find various Mickey-shaped cookies. Some of these are dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles and frosting. Others are partially dipped and designed to look like a Mickey figurine wearing his classic red shorts. They also come in several different sizes. The ginormous Mickey cookies tend to be festively decorated for the seasons, but the smaller cookies are much more unchanged throughout the year.

We've noticed that the larger the cookie, the harder it is to eat, both in size and crunch factor. The softer cookies are much softer and, to our mind, more enjoyable to eat. That's why you'll always find us looking for a smaller Mickey-shaped cookie rather than a larger one. That said, the large cookies do make for sweet social media photos. You'll find both chocolate chip and sugar cookies, and though we love a chocolate chip cookie, in general, a sugar cookie is more our preference here.

Mickey dome celebration cakes

Many people visit Walt Disney World to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or another momentous occasion. If you happen to be dining on your trip, one of the ways you can make those dinner reservations extra special is by adding a Mickey Mouse Celebration Cake to your reservation. The great thing about this is that you can reserve the cake when you make it reservation, and then it will be ready for you as dessert. 

When it comes time to get your dome cake, your waiter will bring out the cake in your chosen flavor between white, dark, or milk chocolate, and it will probably even be decorated to fit your celebration. Some restaurants add an extra special touch to the cake to suit your surroundings. It's an excellent dessert for any celebration, and it feeds quite a few people. In addition to the two Mickey ears on top, you also get a tail decoration on the back. It's a sweet, rather dense cake, and though they look pretty cute and make the occasion extra special, the cake taste is relatively basic, so order one for the experience, not for the cake's taste. If you're looking for Mickey cake that isn't quite as big, keep your eyes peeled on specials Disney has at restaurants and different sweet spots, like the Confectionary on Main Street. 

Mickey ice cream cones

There's something special about ice cream at Disney. A simple ice cream cone can become so much more magical with two little chocolate ears poking out of the top. You'll find one of these ice cream cones at the Magic Kingdom at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. This hand-scooped ice cream has a nostalgic feel of a classic, hometown ice cream stop.

With Florida being hot year-round, these ice creams are delicious, but they can get messy. That is part of the reason they are not our favorite of the ice cream treats, but delicious nevertheless. Be sure to grab some napkins on your way out of the ice cream parlor. On the menu, there isn't anything specifically that calls out a Mickey Mouse cone, save for the child's option. So, you could order the Mickey Mouse kids cone or ask for ears to be added to an adult cone. Often, cast members will add these without you requesting, but if you want to be certain you end up with ears, be sure to ask for them.

Mickey's Premium ice cream sandwiches

While ice cream cones are limited to ice cream parlors, ice cream sandwiches are available in many places throughout the property. You will find them in coolers at resorts as well as at various ice cream carts.

These ice cream sandwiches are exactly what you expect from a typical ice cream sandwich: There are chocolate wafers on the top and bottom and the middle is filled with ice cream. Typically, ice cream sandwiches are filled with vanilla ice cream, but these have cookies and cream ice cream. Occasionally, you will find other flavors, but that is the most common one. The biggest difference we have in this ice cream sandwich, of course, is that it is shaped like a Mickey head. There is even detailing for different parts of his facial features rather than simply an outline of his head. If you find yourself missing ice cream sandwiches shaped like Mickey at home, you can also find these in your local grocery store.

Mickey cinnamon rolls

You can find a cinnamon roll at many different locations around Walt Disney World, but a Mickey-shaped cinnamon roll is a little harder to find. Often, you will find it listed as the Colossal Cinnamon Roll at Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery at the Animal Kingdom. Over at Epcot, in the Norway pavilion, check Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for its version of a Mickey cinnamon roll. Most times, you can also find a Mickey cinnamon roll at the various Starbucks locations on the property. Each park has one, and at the Magic Kingdom, it is right on Main Street. Often, you will spot a cast member standing outside the cafe holding a cinnamon roll on a platter to draw you in.

If you like your cinnamon rolls to be a little less covered with icing, you will absolutely enjoy the Mickey cinnamon rolls — but if you tend to prefer a little more icing, this won't be your favorite cinnamon roll, but it won't be bad either. More than anything, our favorite part about this cinnamon roll is Its size and shape. It's really three rolls in one with a big one for Mickey's head, and two smaller ones for ears. For this reason, it is also very easy to share, especially with kids.

Mickey waffles

When it comes to iconic breakfast foods at Disney World, nothing is as distinctive as the Mickey waffle. These waffles are relatively small in size, but they are shaped like Mickey and Minnie heads. You'll find them at nearly every breakfast location around the parks and resorts. Every sit-down dining option has some at least on the children's menu, and you'll often find a breakfast platter with waffles for adults. Topolino's Terrace, for example, offers Mickey Waffle Dippers for kids. This platter gets several dipping options like strawberry, caramel, and chocolate.

To get the shape just right, Mickey waffles tend to be a little bit more on the done and golden side rather than very soft. At many dining locations, you will find that these Mickey waffles use a plant-based and allergy friendly batter. If it is not listed on the menu as plant-based, you can also ask if it could be made that way. Often, restaurants can accommodate this request, but they may not always be able to due to lack of ingredients. Of course, it never hurts to ask.

Mickey Rice Krispies treats

Alongside the marshmallow cake pops, cookies, and other sweets and confectionery cases, you will also find Mickey-shaped Rice Krispies treats. Often, like the caramel apples, cast members will be dipping and decorating these in full view at the Confectionery on Main Street, but you can find them at nearly every merchandise and dining area. Some locations will have them freshly made and dipped, while others will have them packaged in plastic wrapping. The freshly made ones are better than the already wrapped ones, but the difference is rather negligible.

In addition to coming in plastic wrapping, you can also find Rice Krispie treats on a popsicle stick. This is super handy if you have a kiddo that doesn't like touching sticky things when they eat them. The popsicle stick allows them to keep their hands reasonably clean as they enjoy the treat. They come in many different styles to represent various characters and movies, but you'll almost always be able to find ones dressed up like Mickey and Minnie. We really like the fact that these come in both partially-dipped and fully-dipped chocolate. That way, you can choose a Rice Krispie treat that fits your preferences in terms of dip amount.

Mickey's Premium ice cream bars

Like the ice cream sandwiches, you can find Mickey's Premium ice cream bars at many shopping and dining locations. These vanilla ice cream bars are coated in a hot chocolate coating, making them feel similar to the classic Dairy Queen Dilly bar, but of course, shaped like Mickey's head. Often, you can even get the ice cream bars with special sprinkles and decorations for various holidays and celebrations.

If you're looking for a great snack to enjoy while wandering around the parks on a hot day, this is probably your best bet. We love it because it is refreshing, not super large, and, of course, delicious. The only real downfall of a Mickey ice cream bar is that it does melt relatively fast since it's covered in chocolate with vanilla ice cream at its core. Even still, this is an absolute must-try at Walt Disney World. Like the ice cream sandwiches, you can also find this one at most grocery stores, and the price is much better there too.

Mickey pretzels

In addition to ice cream bars and sandwiches, the other common snack you can find in most places is a Mickey pretzel. Many times, you will find these around the same area where you might find popcorn. So if you smell popcorn, be on the lookout for some soft pretzels.

In terms of taste, these salted pretzels taste exactly like you might expect from a large soft pretzel. The biggest difference is, of course, its shape. Not only are these in the shape of a Mickey head, but the intricate parts representing the lines of the face are also part of the pretzel. We like this because it gives us lots of pieces to pull off and dunk in the cheese sauce that comes with it. Although this isn't our favorite fake cheese on property (that designation belongs to Casey's Corner), it does work well with the pretzel because it has a slightly salty taste. Of course, you can also order the pretzel without cheese, and it will cost a bit less.

Magical sundae

Visiting the theme parks every day of your Disney vacation can certainly be exhausting. For this reason, you might want to build in a day to enjoy Disney World's shopping district, Disney Springs. This sprawling outdoor mall is free to enter and has free parking. In addition, any of the resorts also offer free bussing directly to Disney Springs.

Here, you can find additional, delicious dining options and a slew of shops selling Disney merchandise and other designer items. It's also home to one of our favorite Disney-shaped snacks. At the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain, not far from the World of Disney store, you can order a Magical Sundae. You'll get a vanilla ice cream sundae smothered in Ghirardelli's delicious handmade hot fudge, a helping of whipped cream, and sprinkles. Of course, for that Mickey touch, it gets topped with two chocolate-dipped waffle ears. It's like a delicious hot fudge sundae, only better and more, well, magical.

Mickey beignets

Over at Port Orleans French Quarter at the Scat Cat's Club Cafe, you will find our absolute favorite Mickey-shaped snack. This one comes in the form of a beignet. You can order them in quantities of three or six, and they also come with dipping sauces. Our favorite is the strawberry option, but you can also get salted caramel or chicory chocolate ganache. They are all outstanding, but the combination of the fruity strawberry and fried dough is absolutely divine. If you want an extra special beignet, you can also order Baton Rouge Beignets. You'll get two beignets with your choice of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlúa, or Rumchata.

If you are sticking around for a minute, you can order the beignets to come on a platter. Alternatively, you can order them to go in a paper bag. Regardless of whether you are saying or going, we highly recommend ordering them to go. This way, when you get your bag, you can give it some good shakes to coat your entire beignets with that powdered sugar. With this shake, everything gets a nice layer, and you waste less powdered sugar. On a platter, they only get a dusting of powdered sugar on top.