What's The Best Topping For Caramel Apples? - Exclusive Survey

Apples are as essential to autumn as candy is to Halloween. In the crispest months, no trip to your local farm is complete without apple picking, apple cider donuts, or a piping mug of spiced apple cider. Depending on your mood and preferences, there are all kinds of apple recipes that range from apple butters to apple tarts to Thanksgiving-worthy apple pies. China actually leads the world in apple production and is a primary exporter of the fruit. Apples are clearly popular worldwide, though as long as there's a farm stand nearby, you can easily embrace the flavors of fall's favorite fruit.

Caramel apples land on the sticker side of fall treats. Doused in caramel, nuts, and even chocolate, these carnival essentials enhance the sweetness of the otherwise simple fruit. National Caramel Apple Day actually shares a date with Halloween, doubling the fun of October's candy-filled festivities (via National Today).

Yet caramel apples can be more than just, well, caramel and apples. Tasting Table asked 601 people about their favorite caramel apple toppings. While the findings showed various preferences, one topping in particular offers a desirable crunch.

Fans of candy apples are sticking with chopped nuts

Of the 601 people who responded to Tasting Table's stickiest survey, 41.93% cite chopped nuts as their go-to caramel apple topping. Chocolate drizzle followed suit in the rankings; exactly 200 people prefer to mix fruit with chocolate, accounting for 33.28% of the vote.

Chocolate and nuts clearly win the popularity contest, but no topping better embraces the spirit of Halloween than candy. A little more than 14% of people — 86 voters — opt for an extra sweet addition to the seasonal treat.

Sprinkles, then coconut flakes, rounded out the list of preferences. Though not quite as popular as flashier toppings, both sprinkles and coconut flakes add texture and taste to caramel apples. Sprinkle fans accounted for 5.49% of the vote, while coconut flake fanatics made up just under 5% of the vote. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if you make caramel apples at home, you don't have to worry about the orchard or state fair running out of your favorite topping. If you give them a try, use this salted caramel sauce recipe that comes together in minutes.