This Secret Ingredient Will Take Your Rice Krispies Treats To The Next Level

While you might think of Rice Krispies treats as a nostalgic treat from childhood, they're actually a really delicious dessert that has to be one of the most flexible out there. Rice Krispies treats can be dyed and shaped into festive designs, but you can also make them even better by adding all kinds of additional flavors. In fact, you can add almost anything you'd like to the sticky concoction before they harden.

Country Living suggests tons of toppings and flavorings to try when you make your next batch. Think along the lines of your favorite candies like M&M's, Reese's Pieces, and crushed up Butterfingers. You can also add things like cake mixes for a different kind of treat, too. Even crushed up cookies are a good addition, per Taste of Home. Also, a little caramel can go a long way for adding even more sweet flavor to the simple dessert. But there's one ingredient that can turn your Rice Krispies treats into the ultimate treat — and you may not even have to run to the store to find it.

Adding condensed milk to Rice Krispies treats

For those who haven't heard of this trick yet, it's about to change everything you knew about Rice Krispies treats. By adding the pantry staple, you'll get a treat that's crisp and crunchy (thanks to the puffed cereal) that's also deliciously gooey. As Greatist explains, sweetened condensed milk is simply evaporated milk that has had sugar incorporated into it. Think of it as the ultimate hack for an even better eating experience without making the marshmallow-packed treat sweeter than it really should be.

Further, condensed milk will help your Rice Krispies treats last longer. Per The Kitchn, by stirring in ⅓ to ½ cup of condensed milk, your treats will ultimately have a longer shelf life; i.e., they will stay softer for longer, allowing you to enjoy them for longer. One thing that we all know about Rice Krispies treats is that they harden pretty quickly. With a bit of condensed milk, though, you can stave off this inevitably — and by then, your Rice Krispies treats may well be gone.