Our Favorite Marshmallow Brand Is Perfect For S'mores

For the ultimate in gooey goodness, look no further than Dandies marshmallows to be the centerpiece of your favorite melty, fluffy, and crunchy dessert. This plant-based brand of vegan marshmallows ranks number one among our favorite current marshmallow brands, making it the marshmallow of choice for your next batch of s'mores. There are three important components to a s'more: The graham cracker, the chocolate bar, and of course, the marshmallow. With the marshmallow essentially being the glue that holds the entire sandwich structure of a s'more together, it is arguably one of — if not — the most important element. 

The origin of s'mores (previously called "some mores") dates back to 1927, with the first known reference to the dessert made in the publication, "Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts." The recipe includes a note about toasting marshmallows, "to a crisp gooey state." With the understanding that melty is the preferable consistency of the inside of a s'mores sandwich, the obvious choice is a marshmallow with a malleable enough texture to succumb to the heat.

What sets Dandies marshmallows apart?

If starting with a proper marshmallow base is the foundation of the best s'more you've ever had, how is it that Dandies stack up on top? In Tasting Table's ranking of marshmallow brands, writer and reviewer Jenessa Abrams rated Dandies number one partly because of the lack of artificial ingredients. Abrams also talked about, "the exceptional taste, which features a perfect balance of sugar and vanilla." The texture was a high point, too, as these squashy snacks have a slightly firmer texture than others, giving them a pleasing bite.

The more natural composition of the Dandies marshmallow and emphasis on flavor definitely fulfills all of the necessary qualities to bring your s'more to sweet melty perfection. Roast one and smush it between a rich chocolate bar and a pair of flaky graham crackers and your s'mores will be a hit around the campfire. Even if you're cooking s'mores on a gas stove or enjoying a skillet-cooked s'mores dip on a rainy day these marshmallows will give you a great result. Vegans and non-vegans alike will love the perfect palatable texture of this most delightful dessert.