Adding Fruit To Homemade Ice Cream Helps It Stay Frozen Longer

Few sweet foods are more universally beloved than ice cream. With so many flavors and styles to choose from, it's a fun dessert that never gets old. Not to mention there's a wide selection of pints among the best ice cream brands. Yet although it is so easy to buy a tasty variety at the store, there is a special allure to crafting your own.

Not only will you be able to tell friends it's homemade, but you can also experiment with new flavors and textures. Plus, there are techniques for making ice cream without a machine. An obvious — yet especially tricky part of the process — is getting the dessert to the proper texture and then ensuring it stays frozen. The sweet treat is a delicate creation, with ratios of fat and sugar impacting both the consistency and the taste. Commercial manufacturers often employ stabilizers, but it is possible to craft a long-lasting ice cream from scratch.

Instead, turn to fruit flavors to ease the freezing process. Since such ingredients are composed of high water percentage — especially in the case of berries and citrus — they'll have an easier time crystallizing and staying frozen.

The water content of fruits prolongs the freezing duration

When asking for scoops of varying flavors, it's easy to think each ice cream follows the identical creation process. Yet to attain a perfect frozen texture, it's necessary to take into account how the flavorings affect consistency. For example, alcohol brings down the freezing point, which leads to big mistakes when making boozy ice cream. And even switching fruit skews ice cream textures — after all, a coconut has half the water of a citrus fruit.

With the right technique, it's possible to make a long-lasting ice cream of any composition. However, do note that when combined improperly, watery ingredients like berries will lead to larger ice crystals, which creates a less creamy product. While ice will prolong your storing duration, you don't want an ice cream that's completely solid. To remedy such issues, turn to bananas for a fuss-free foundation. With a composition of 75% water, they're in a sweet spot for the resultant texture. Simply blend with coconut oil and some flavorings, and you get a sturdy and delicious ice cream without too much trouble.