How To Make Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Machine

The answer is hiding in your freezer, and it's not a store-bought pint

Yes, you can! Make ice cream at home, that is. And you can even do it without an ice cream machine. You already know how to make an ice cream base with only two ingredients, so now it's time to move on to the freezing part.

The trick is to freeze your ice cream base in ice cube trays, then blitz the cubes together in a food processor.

Freezing the ice cream base in smaller portions allows tiny ice crystals to form, creating that creamy texture when blended. This method was first published by the Serious Eats Food Lab and instructs you to pour your base into trays, freeze them for four hours, and then blend the base in a food processor. Pop the mixture back into the freezer for at least another four hours, and when you take it out, you'll have delicious ice cream.

We tried the recipe for ourselves, and the result was pretty much what you'd get if you used an ice cream machine: silky and creamy. Note: We let the base freeze closer to eight hours to let the cubes solidify. If you're in the mood for soft-serve, you can always skip freezing the mixture a second time and dive right in.

Either way, delicious ice cream awaits.

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