Why Collectors Will Love Blanton's Single-Barrel Bourbon

For committed collectors, a deep satisfaction can be felt upon completing a sheet of coins or obtaining an obscure comic book that completes a rare vintage set. Bourbon lovers have the chance to experience a similar sensation thanks to some of the sharp marketing tactics behind Blanton's Single-Barrel bourbon. Bourbon drinkers may have noticed a horse and a rider perched on top of each bottle of the single-barrel American whiskey brand.

For the keen observer, the horses set on top of the bottle stoppers are in varying states of speed. Some are walking, while others are at a full gallop. In addition to the differing gates of each horse, these stoppers each have one letter printed on them. You'll need to look carefully, but nestled under one of the horse's back hooves is a circled letter that is imprinted on the stopper. When lined up, the pieces will spell out the word Blanton's, and the assembled display has become a source of pride for many bourbon connoisseurs.

The rewards in one bottle of bourbon

Collectors can strive to possess all eight bottle stoppers. While you can buy the stoppers sans bottle and bourbon online, Blanton's limits sales to two sets per individual. To make sure you have the order of letters lined up correctly, look closely at the Ns, as one features punctuation. The final stopper in the line-up, the S, features a sprinting horse that could be racing to a finish line or your next dram. Why a horse, you ask? Keep in mind that Blanton's is made in Kentucky where horses are a big deal, and Blanton's has admitted their intentions to pay respect to Kentucky's equestrian heritage with the stallion-studded pieces.

Though the unique stoppers first made appearances in 1999, they remain coveted pieces today, and the series of jockeys has become a kind of trademark for the brand. Coupled with the handwritten labels that list the barrel number, storage area from where the barrel was taken (Blanton's has a famous warehouse), and the date detailing when the barrel was emptied, these bottles of single-barrel bourbon are collector's items in every sense. The price of these bottles reflect this status, but for those who are able to shell out the cash and get their hands on the drink — without getting scammed by fake bourbon – will feel pleased in more ways than one.