Marshmallow Flowers Are The Adorable Way To Decorate Cakes

Those pillowy globs you are used to shoving between graham crackers to make s'mores aren't only doomed to gloopy, gooey futures. Turn squishy homemade marshmallows into cute flowers and use the pieces to adorn cakes and cupcakes. Though making flower shapes with cut-up marshmallows sounds like something out of an arts and crafts magazine, the creative culinary hack is a one-way ticket to elevate boring-looking baked goods. You'll need a bit of patience to put these sugary florals together, but once you have a bouquet of marshmallow flowers at the ready you can get to decorating.

Depending on the size, you'll need to carefully make several partial cuts into each marshmallow. Cut slowly, as you don't want to slice the treat all the way through. Once cut, fan out the pieces and form the marshmallow into a flower-like shape. You can place hazelnuts in the middle of the design to resemble the center of a flower. If the ends of the marshmallows aren't holding together, you can keep the marshmallow petals in place with a toothpick. Place the assembled pieces onto a baking pan and crisp them in an oven for at least 40 minutes at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Watch the sugary flowers closely, as the pieces should be crisp and not burned.

Customize your marshmallow flower designs

Using colored or uniquely flavored homemade marshmallows to match themed events and seasonal celebrations with given them a special touch. Cover cooled marshmallow flowers with dashes of powdered cinnamon and cocoa or bright sprinkles. Decorative sugars and candies can be placed in the center of each marshmallow for added aesthetic appeal, and you can draw details on individual marshmallow petals with icing. 

When you are pleased with the final design, hardened marshmallow flowers can be pressed into the surface of a frosted cupcake or set neatly on top of a plated brownie. You may even want to float one of these pretty creations into your next mug of hot chocolate or coffee. Disperse the sweet pieces on a serving tray or dessert board, and your creativity will not go unnoticed the next time you offer your marshmallow creations at a happy hour party.  These delightful treats bring an added touch of whimsy to any plate.