Why You Should Never Skip Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips In Your Brownie Recipe

Brownies are one of the most beloved treats for chocolate lovers everywhere. The gooey, fudgy, handheld cousin of the equally indulgent chocolate cake is found everywhere from bake sales to picnics, but no matter where you spot them, there's one factor that makes that pan of chocolatey goodness instantly more appetizing: a shiny, crackly crust. Us dessert lovers, especially, eat with our eyes before those tasty treats pass through our lips, so it's easy to understand why a dull pan of uninspired brownies would likely get a hard pass from guests at a potluck. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when presenting a batch of homemade goodies, so it's best to uncover the trusty hack that will elevate your brownies every time: semi-sweet chocolate chips.

To improve the texture of every bite, add chocolate chips to your favorite brownie recipe. Why opt for semi-sweet chocolate chips specifically? It's all about balance. While milk chocolate chips would be too sweet because of their high sugar content and dark chocolate chips would leave a bad taste in your mouth because of their bitterness, the semi-sweet variety is the perfect middle ground. Their ideal blend of sugar and cocoa will enhance your brownies without overpowering their taste, just like in other treats such as chocolate chip cookies and cherry cola dump cake. Plus, the fat and sugar content that makes chocolate chips taste so good will help create that dazzling crust on top to make your brownies picture-perfect and irresistible.

How to add semi-sweet chocolate chips to your brownie recipe

You can always opt for a brownie recipe that already includes the bite-sized morsels in its ingredients list, but you can also easily adapt a favorite chip-less recipe, even boxed brownies, to bring it to the next level. For best results, you should begin by melting your butter, and then mixing in the sugar while the butter is still hot. This ensures your sugar is properly dissolved, which is also key to achieving the shiniest crust. From this point, you can continue mixing in your eggs, cocoa powder, and flour according to your recipe's instructions. Finally, to guarantee that shiny crust forms, fold in your chocolate chips just before baking. You should use 1/2 to 2/3 cup chocolate chips when making an 8 x 8-inch pan of brownies. 

In addition to creating a shiny top, chocolate chips will elevate both the thickness and gooeyness of every bite. This is because chocolate chips don't fully melt in the oven, so they're generally able to keep their shape for added structure while remaining just melty enough to be exactly what brownie dreams are made of. 

So the next time you get a hankering for brownies, reach for the chocolate chips and get ready to experience a brand new level of brownie bliss. And be sure to check out our full list of brownie add-ins to keep pushing the boundaries of how delicious your brownies can truly be.