A Little Cream Goes A Long Way In Crafting A Key Lime Pie Cocktail

When crafting a key lime pie cocktail, like our key lime pie martini, remember this: A little cream goes a long way. The reason is that these refreshing cocktails, much like the key lime pie desserts that inspire their creation, are meant to be tarty and tangy — sometimes sour enough to make your lips pucker. Adding cream helps balance the tartiness and the drink as a whole, making the cocktail more pleasant and easier to imbibe. The drink also becomes more dessert-like — dreamy and creamy. 

There are a few ways to incorporate cream into your key lime pie cocktails. For starters, you can simply mix in a splash of heavy cream, taste the cocktail, and adjust to your palate's preferences by adding more. The cream will change the texture of your drink, making it slightly thicker, and of course, creamier. It'll feel like you're drinking down a boozy liquid pie. 

Another way to incorporate cream into your key lime pie cocktail is to crown it with a mountain of whipped cream. This will mirror the aesthetics of key lime pies. Then, give the cream and drink a stir, and enjoy. 

A third way is to make ice cubes with cream. When the ice cubes melt, the cream will be incorporated into the drink. Adding heavy cream ice cubes to make a boozy slushie that tastes like key lime pie works too and would even be mixologist-approved to avoid over-diluting your cocktails.

Enhance dessert cocktails with dairy or plant-based cream and milk

If you're wondering if you can add other types of cream to craft a perfect key lime pie cocktail, the answer is a resounding yes. With our key lime pie martini recipe, we actually used coconut cream instead of heavy cream. Coconut cream can add subtle notes of coconut to your dessert cocktails.

Aside from coconut cream and heavy cream, you can use half and half or milk or plant-based milk and creamers. The point is to add a bit of creaminess and dilute the tanginess, and any dairy or plant-based cream or milk will get the job done.

Additionally, you can use this cream trick with other dessert cocktails to add a creamy twist. Coffee cocktails benefit from a splash of cream, which turns them into boozy lattes. Coconut pie cocktails would also be perfect with the addition of coconut cream. For more fun ideas, check out our comprehensive list of the absolute best after-dinner cocktails and the 15 classic dessert and cocktail pairings from a certified sommelier