The Trader Joe's Must-Have That Will Take Your Coffee To A Sweeter Level

Trader Joe's Bourbon Vanilla Paste is taking social media by storm, and many fans are singing its praises are an unbeatable addition to homemade coffee drinks. This product is made of sugar syrup, concentrated vanilla extract, and vanilla bean seeds, specifically from bourbon or Madagascar vanilla beans, a highly-prized variety with a rich and full-bodied flavor. While bakers may add this product to desserts, the coffee lovers are sharing ways to dress up a morning cup of joe using the paste.

Even those of us who aren't baristas (and are perhaps still half-asleep in the morning) can easily use this vanilla paste. The texture is comparable to a liquid honey, so just stir a spoonful into glasses of cold brew or warm mugs of oat milk lattes, and it should dissipate into the liquid. Even a basic mug of black coffee can be enhanced with teaspoon of the paste. 

On TikTok and other online platforms, some fans are mixing the paste into cold foam alongside flavored syrups, like toasted marshmallow. Butterscotch syrup, ground cinnamon, and brown sugar are other social media-approved partners for the TJ's vanilla paste, often starring in iced lattes. And while the paste doesn't contain any bourbon, as in the liquor, it makes a delicious addition to boozy coffees, too. Once you have this ingredient stocked in your pantry, you can let your own creativity run wild.

How to use Trader Joe's Bourbon Vanilla Paste in delicious coffees

When experimenting with TJ's Bourbon Vanilla Paste, start by adding it to your coffee a little bit at a time and taste as you go. Once you've sampled a basic coffee drink that's been enhanced with the paste, you'll want to try it in all kinds of fancier recipes. Punch up the vanilla flavor of your morning cappuccino with a tablespoon of the paste stirred into the coffee, as well as the milk that you'll foam up for the topping. And you can probably guess that bourbon vanilla beans pair deliciously with a splash of actual bourbon whiskey, such as in a Kentucky Coffee drink. The TJ's paste would also be a boon in boozy coffee-based beverages like Irish coffees and espresso martinis

To top off your spruced-up drink recipes, consider using the paste as garnish by drizzling it on top, or stir it into whipped cream. Add a teaspoon to your next batch of honey whipped cream and top off a creamy Frappuccino made with frozen bananas. It's like getting your morning coffee and fruit in one glass, but when crowned with delicate ribbons of caramel or chocolate sauce and shaved flakes of dark chocolate, it also feels as indulgent as a dessert. With a spoonful of TJ's Bourbon Vanilla Paste, your coffee drinks may never be the same. Both your wallet and your tastebuds will thank you for making jazzed-up coffees at home, instead of always running to a cafe.