Add Frozen Banana For Creamy Homemade Frappuccinos Without Extra Syrup

As the common coffee question goes — black or with milk? If you prefer your joe with a splash of dairy, don't stop at a cappuccino but craft a range of flavored coffees, too. Sure, those multi-ingredient beverages may seem exclusively reserved for a Starbucks order, but they can be whipped up at home — without syrup.

For a surprising fruit addition to your homemade Frappuccinos, turn to frozen bananas. Not only do they thicken the texture, but their natural sweetness diminishes the need for syrups and extra sugar.

Combining it all together is straightforward. Simply chill an espresso shot, and throw it into a blender with ice, vanilla extract, milk of your choosing, some mocha, and the frozen banana. Turn on the blender to create a decadently thick, smoothie-like beverage. Grab a straw and enjoy — no need for any high-fat or sugar additives. Plus, there are more banana coffee options to explore. Let's dive into the options.

Get creative with your banana coffee drinks

Such a mocha-flavored preparation is only a starting point. Fans of a more coffee-forward flavor can up the amount of espresso — which is the ideal coffee type for the job. Avoid using other coffee brewing methods since they have too much water content. In the banana Frappuccino, the dilution is accomplished from the ice to achieve consistency. And, the frozen fruit makes the drink sweeter since the temperature shifts break down the banana's cell walls.

However, if you're keen on a more liquid banana coffee, opt for a cold brew base. In this case, a very ripe fresh banana is better, and there's no ice in the blender — only to serve. Since the fruit is fresh rather than frozen, it will be less sweet, so some sugar will aid in tying the coffee together. And if you're keen to turn your morning coffee into a more satiating affair, throw in an avocado as well. A Vietnamese drink called sinh to ca phe chuoi bo, this version will be bound to get your day off to a good start.