20 Best Steak Topping Ideas

Whether you are a seasoned steak aficionado or you just like to indulge in a good filet once in a while, there is no denying that a good topping can make or break the steak experience. Though a traditional creamy peppercorn sauce is a perfectly acceptable option, exploring new ingredients to put on top of your prime beef can elevate your steak dinner to something really special.

By trying out new toppings for various different cuisines, you could uncover flavor combinations that become new favorites, and impress your friends and family at the same time. From surf-and-turf to a classic Hollandaise or an Italian salsa verde, there are lots of toppings bursting with flavor, just waiting for you to discover.

Let's explore some of the best steak topping ideas that will have your taste buds dancing with anticipation. Grab your griddle pan and prepare to up your steak game permanently.

Balsamic glaze

If you're looking for an elegant topping for a deliciously tender filet mignon, a homemade balsamic glaze is the sauce that this beautiful steak deserves. If you're a fan of balsamic vinegar, you are going to love its rich, sticky cousin, with its tangy yet syrupy texture.

To create a honey balsamic glaze that will have just enough sweetness to complement the steak, you need only two ingredients — balsamic vinegar and honey. This sauce couldn't be any simpler to make, just simmer the two liquids together for around 10 minutes, before allowing it to cool and create a beautifully thick texture.

It can then be drizzled over your steak to create an Insta-worthy masterpiece. If you love your food to look as good as it tastes, this is definitely the steak topping for you.

Blue cheese

Salty blue cheese atop a decadent perfectly cooked steak? Yes please! If you have never tried blue cheese and steak together, it's very important that you add it to your must-try list. Steak and blue cheese make a sublime pairing, combining deep meaty flavors with tangy, salty notes, and the creamy texture of the cheese creates a mouthwatering combo with the meat.

Any creamy blue will work, but Gorgonzola has the perfect balance of creamy texture and sharp, pungent flavor. If you are not a big fan of blue cheese, the flavor should be mellow enough to keep your taste buds happy. You can simply let the cheese melt slowly across the top of the hot steak, cook it for a minute or so under the broiler, or make a simple blue cheese sauce by adding cream and butter. Whatever option you go for, you are going to love this amazing combination.


If ever there were two ingredients that were destined to be together, it would have to be steak and mushrooms. The rich flavor and texture of the steak contrasts beautifully with the earthiness of the mushrooms to create the perfect combination. Serving the mushroom as a topping on the steak means that every single bite contains a balance of tender meat and soft vegetables.

There are so many mushroom varieties to choose from, and virtually every one will match the steak. Whether you opt for chestnut mushrooms from the grocery store or a more luxurious variety such as Chanterelle, sautéing them in butter with a hint of garlic and herbs will create a decadent topping. Alternatively, you could make a red wine and mushroom sauce for your steak by adding a few glugs of wine and some beef stock, then bubbling to a wonderfully thick reduction.

Garlic butter

If you need a simple and time-efficient topping to take your steak up a flavor notch, garlic butter is the perfect way to do so. This delicious creation will melt over the top of your steak and infuse delightfully into the meat, making every bite joyful. It works well with all cuts of steak, from a tender filet mignon to a rich and meaty sirloin.

Making a garlic butter only requires three ingredients – butter, garlic, and parsley. Start with soft butter, as using it straight from the fridge will make the process harder. Finely chop the parsley and garlic before combining the ingredients with an electric mixer, or by hand if you're in the mood for a mini-workout.

Cook the steak to your liking, then add the garlic butter topping while the meat is still hot enough. It should melt within minutes, creating a decadent, aromatic liquid that will sink into the steak and create a luscious texture and fantastic flavor.


Time to take your steak to South America with a topping of tangy chimichurri sauce. Known for complementing meat beautifully, it will do a great job of giving your steak some extra zing.

Chimichurri is commonly served with hanger steak, and if you haven't tried this underused cut of meat, you absolutely should. Known as the butcher's cut, it has a strong flavor and is generally much more affordable than common cuts such as filet and ribeye.

To make chimichurri, chop up oregano, parsley, and garlic, then mix with olive oil, vinegar, and some pepper flakes. After you have cooked your steak, leave it to rest before slicing and drizzling the chimichurri sauce over the top. The tangy flavors will contrast with the richness of the steak, creating a well-balanced meal that will feel fresh and filling.


Creamy avocado is a brilliant ingredient to accompany any dish, but it works well with the rich flavor of steak. Combining it with Mexican ingredients to make a guacamole-style sauce will give it a tangy punch and create a refreshing dressing to drizzle over the meat.

To lift the flavor of the avocado, add red onion, lime juice, garlic, and jalapeños. Depending on how much heat you want, you can remove the seeds and membrane of the jalapeños, or leave them in for a delicious fiery kick. Blend up the ingredients until they form a creamy sauce to pour on your steak.

The creamy avocado with the other fresh ingredients create a dressing that is vibrant and refreshing, and has a vivid green color that looks great on the steak, too. Its bold flavors turn a steak into a delicious, summery meal that will pop with every mouthful.


If you're looking to add a luxurious topping to your steak, caviar is the ultimate option. If you're having guests to dinner that you want to impress, a salty spoonful of caviar will do the trick. It has a briny flavor rather than fishy, which will contrast with the deep meaty taste of the steak.

If you are going to the expense of serving caviar, you will want to serve the best cut of beef with it. Caviar and filet mignon are the perfect pairing, the soft, smooth caviar and tender steak creating a wonderful mouthfeel.

The great thing about topping your steak with caviar is that it takes virtually no preparation. Simply spoon a small portion onto the top of your steak before serving. Make sure the caviar is at room temperature beforehand and the heat of the steak will warm it slightly and create the perfect combination.


When you can't decide between steak and seafood, surf and turf is the way to go. Topping steak with classic shellfish such as shrimp works brilliantly as the sweet flavor of the prawns complements the steak well.

Lobster is often the star of surf and turf, so the bigger the shrimp you can use, the better as they will have the same meaty texture and sweet flavor that make this classic dish so luxurious. Grill the shrimp with their shells on for maximum flavor, then remove before serving. This will keep them juicy and make them a perfect match for the steak. Ribeye works really well alongside shrimp, as long as you cook it at least medium rare. This will ensure that the fat melts beautifully, infusing the meat with wonderful flavor that will complement the seafood. Finish your rib eye and prawns with a squeeze of lemon juice and sit down to enjoy the perfect marriage of land and sea.


Steak makes a delicious and sumptuous evening meal — especially with the right topping — but have you ever considered having it as an indulgent breakfast? This may seem ridiculous, but it shouldn't. The phrase 'breakfast like a king' should be a clue — high-protein breakfasts help keep us full until lunch, so you have a good reason to get out the griddle pan first thing.

To make the steak seem a bit more breakfast-y, try topping it with a fried egg. The runny yolk will ooze into the steak and create a luxurious texture with every mouthful. For presentation that matches the fantastic flavor, cook the egg sunny side up, then place on top of the steak. You can serve your steak and eggs with hash browns for the ultimate comforting breakfast, or some cooked tomatoes if you prefer.

Compound butter

Garlic butter is a classic steak topping, and for good reason, but if you want to mix things up a bit, there are numerous other ways to flavor butter. Compound butters are a superb way to infuse your steak with complex flavors, are simple to make, and can be made in advance then refrigerated until required.

You could make a compound butter with any flavoring that goes well with steak, but some common ones include herbs, citrus, chili, and blue cheese. Mix your desired seasoning with soft butter until evenly distributed, then chill (or freeze if you're in a hurry) until firm. You can keep the butter in the fridge or freezer, and simply slice a piece off once you have cooked your steak. The result will be a beautifully tender piece of steak with a burst of your favorite flavors.

Béarnaise sauce

Sometimes the classics are the best, and it doesn't get much more classic than steak with béarnaise sauce. If you want a creamy yet tangy topping for your meat, béarnaise will not disappoint. A spin-off of Hollandaise — one of the five French mother sauces — béarnaise is a creamy sauce featuring butter, egg yolks, tarragon, and vinegar.

To make the perfect béarnaise sauce,  use egg yolks rather than whole eggs, creating a rich, silky sauce that will pair perfectly with the steak. The vinegar gives a delicious zing to the sauce that will cut through the richness of the egg yolk and the meat. In addition to being the perfect topping for your steak, béarnaise sauce makes a wonderful dip for your fries, so you may want to make an extra large portion.

Basil pesto

Vibrant and pungent, basil pesto is a classic Italian sauce that is famously served with pasta or fish. However, it also goes brilliantly with steak, cutting through the richness of the meat with its aromatic, herbaceous flavor.

To make a bright and fresh pesto, grind up some pine nuts and basil — either in a food processor or with a mortar and pestle — and add Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and some crushed garlic. The word pesto literally means "to pound" in Italian, so be sure to smash the ingredients well to release the delicious flavors. The pesto will be a thick sauce that you can pour over the steak, resulting in a refreshing, Italian-inspired dish.

Caramelized onions

Raw onions have a potent sharp flavor that many people are not fond of, but caramelized onions are like a different vegetable altogether. Cooking onions slowly brings out their natural sugars, creating sweet, complex flavors that pair perfectly with steak.

To create foolproof caramelized onions, fry the thinly cut onions in oil for around 10 minutes, adding vegetable stock if the liquid needs replaced. Then cook them on a low heat for around 45 minutes, keeping a close eye on them and stirring regularly. While cooking onions this way requires a bit of time and effort, it will be worth it for a beautifully sweet steak topping.

You can even combine the onions with other toppings, as in this caramelized onion and blue cheese smothered filet mignon, which combines the sweet notes from the onions with the sharp, salty blue cheese to make a decadent creamy sauce.

Red wine reduction

When it comes to elegant toppings for your steak, a red wine reduction is a classic for a reason. Used heavily in French cooking, a red wine sauce is straightforward to make and gives your steak a delicious, rich accompaniment.

When choosing a red wine for your sauce, it may be tempting to buy a cheap bottle to save some money. But you should try to use a wine that you would be happy to drink, as your sauce will taste better as a result. Dry red wines are the best for this sauce, such as cabernet sauvignon. The classic French red wine sauce Bordelaise is made from dry wine from the Bordeaux region, though these bottles tend to be quite pricy.

To make your red wine reduction, cook shallots and garlic with butter and fresh herbs, then add the wine and simmer until it forms a delicious, thick reduction. Pour over your perfectly cooked steak and enjoy with a glass of the wine you used to make the sauce.

Salsa verde

For a refreshing, zesty twist on your steak, add a topping of homemade Italian salsa verde. Translating as "green sauce," it will create a vibrant color on top of your steak as well as a tantalizing flavor.

Salsa verde is a breeze to whip up, with just a few ingredients. Chop up some fresh cilantro and parsley, salty capers, crushed garlic, lemon zest and olive oil, and either blend them up for a smooth sauce or pound them with a mortar and pestle, which will leave it fairly chunky. Cook your steak and spoon the salsa verde over the top, where the fresh, zingy flavors will cut through the richness of the meat.


Sometimes you just need a creamy sauce topping for your steak, and Hollandaise is a luxurious option. One of the five French mother sauces, it is made from egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice, though you can add other seasonings if you desire.

The key to the perfect Hollandaise sauce is the emulsification of the egg yolks without splitting them. Whisk the eggs with the melted butter and lemon juice, until the mixture reaches roughly twice its size, due to the air being incorporated. You then want to cook the eggs on an indirect heat, by placing the bowl over a pan of boiling water. Don't let the top bowl touch the water beneath, as it will increase the chance of the eggs overcooking. Pour the silky sauce over the steak immediately and enjoy.


For a decadent steak that combines surf-and-turf with Béarnaise, then throws in asparagus for good measure, give Oscar-style a try. Named after King Oscar II of Sweden, this topping is a celebration of luxury ingredients and contrasting textures.

The usual cut of beef for steak Oscar is filet mignon, or beef tenderloin. Steam some fresh asparagus — traditionally white asparagus, but this can be difficult to find — then drape it over the steak. Add crabmeat on top of the asparagus and finally spoon a decadent Béarnaise sauce over top of the whole dish.

The result is a very royal-tasting dish with beautiful textures and mouthwatering flavors. It is the perfect dish to cook if you are trying to impress your dinner companions.

Bacon jam

Every meat lover knows that bacon goes brilliantly with a beef burger, so why not add it to your steak, too, in the form of a sticky, sweet bacon jam?  This modern condiment is smoky, savory, and sweet at the same time, and will add a complex umami flavor to the dish.

To make the jam, pan fry onions until they are soft then add the bacon. Once the bacon is cooked, add balsamic vinegar for a tangy note, sugar for some sweetness, and water to prevent it from burning. Cook on a low heat for around 10 minutes till it has formed a sticky jam. Add it to your steak straight away, and keep the rest in a jar in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Foie gras

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury steak dinner for either a romantic date night or a fancy dinner party, Tournedos Rossini can't be beaten. Not for the faint-hearted, steak Rossini consists of a beautiful tender filet, topped with truffles and foie gras, with a luscious Madeira sauce poured over the top.

Foie gras is a controversial but flavor-packed ingredient similar to a rich pate that comes from the livers of ducks and geese. It is cooked quickly in the pan to melt it slightly and make its texture even more silky, before being placed atop the filet with some thinly sliced truffles.

The rich Madeira sauce can then be poured over the top to create a masterpiece of French gastronomy. This is not a dish you will make often, so if you are able to give it a shot, make sure you enjoy every velvety mouthful.

Parmesan cream

Give your steak an ultra-savory Italian twist by adding a Parmesan cream topping. Made with heavy cream and heaps of fresh Parmesan cheese, this luxurious sauce will take your steak to new umami-filled flavor heights.

Start by cooking minced garlic in some butter, then add flour to thicken. Incorporate some beef broth with fresh herbs, then add heavy cream and a very generous handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Try to get the highest quality Parmigiano Reggiano for this sauce, as the better the cheese, the tastier the sauce will be.

Stir continuously until a thick, silky sauce has formed, then season with black pepper. As soon as your steak is ready, pour the sauce over and enjoy the beautiful rich flavors.