Frozen Martinis Are The Mixologist-Approved Cocktails To Cool Off With This Summer

You've most likely indulged in a classic frozen margarita at your local Mexican restaurant or sipped on a glass of frosé al fresco on a warm day. There are other frozen cocktails that offer varying levels of booziness and sweetness — but maybe you thirst for a new icy, boozy cocktail to get you through the weekend or next party. For anyone who appreciates sake, or a dirty martini, Cody Goldstein, award winning mixologist, author and founder of Brooklyn-based hospitality group Muddling Memories, has a new drink for you to try.

"One of my all time favorite slushie drinks is a frozen dirty sake martini," Goldstein says. "The lower proof of sake allows it to get a smooth slushy consistency." If you're a fan of lots of olives in your classic dirty martini, don't worry. "We will freeze the olives to add them into the drink which helps it stay cold," he continues.

There are many different sake brands and varieties to choose from, and the reason this kind of alcohol works so well (in addition to Goldstein's suggestions) is because it's mildly fruity and smooth, so it melds well with the other ingredients. That also means it's a good option for drinkers who don't like the strong alcohol flavor that spirits like tequila might provide.

Make a frozen dirty sake martini extra boozy with vodka or gin

You might have heard of a frozen martini, or a saketini; this drink blends the two together. To make a single frozen dirty sake martini, use around 2 ½ ounces of sake, 1 ounce of vodka or gin, a splash of olive brine (add more if you like a brinier flavor), and about a cup of ice (less is more here). Every recipe is different, so the measurements might vary depending on how many drinks you want to make at once, how stiff you prefer your cocktail, and the other juices or liqueurs that go into the blender.

The absolute best type of olives for standard martinis will be perfect for this frozen drink too, so consider Castelvetrano olives, Manzanilla, or queen olives to use as a garnish. Don't like it dirty? Make it fruity instead by combining sake with fresh or frozen lychee, cantaloupe, or other melons, and lime juice. Customize the frozen dirty sake martini however you like — and enjoy your mixologist-approved, adults-only, boozy summer slushie.